VACAVILLE (AP) — A Northern California prison inmate found in a pool of blood has died, and officials say they suspect foul play.

California Medical Facility spokesman Lt. Andre Gonzales said in a statement Tuesday that the 66-year-old inmate was found face down in a pool of blood late Monday.

Gonzales says the death is considered a possible homicide.

He was found in a dormitory housing 30 inmates who have been transferred to a segregation unit while officials investigate the crime scene.

Officials did not name the inmate because relatives have not been notified.

He was serving a life sentence for murder from Fresno County.

The prison is in Vacaville, 35 miles southwest of Sacramento. It houses nearly 2,600 inmates, many of them with medical or mental health problems.

  1. Mel N says:

    This is the best and most efficient way to save society money in the long-run. All these wastes of life do is waste our money rotting in cells.

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