By Andrea Park

(CBS NEWS) – Scott Eastwood remembers the last time he cried. The actor told GQ Australia something he “never told” anyone before.

“I dated a girl a couple of years ago who died in a car accident,” he explained before pausing.

The Carmel-born Eastwood called it “a fender bender, and there was a recall on airbags. Her airbag exploded. It shot a projectile through her body. It split her spine, and um … I’ve never told anybody that. I’ve lost friends before; I’ve lost some great friends. But, I had never lost someone I had been really intimate with, you know, like in that way, in a relationship.”

The bachelor admitted that the tragedy probably had a lasting impact on his ability to make romantic connections.

“I think that really affected me in a way that … I don’t know,”he explained. “Maybe it’s made it harder for me to date.”

Eastwood also said he has at least one unresolved issue following the loss: “I still never called her father. I still haven’t found the right words.”

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