KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — BART says new technology can quiet the screeching that has many riders sticking their fingers in their ears by about half.

“It’s called a new wheel profile,” BART Spokesperson Alicia Trost told KCBS.

To quiet the ride, BART is changing the way train wheels interact with the tracks all around the Bay Area.

”We are cutting all of the wheels of the current fleet to conform to this new wheel profile. It will reduce the noise you hear when the train goes over the tracks,” Trost said.

From BART’s website

“BART’s wheel surfaces are shaped to precise specifications using computerized cutters.  Even miniscule changes to the specifications can have a big effect.”

The agency says the ride will be quieter, but will it be safe?

“We did testing for well over a year to certify that this is safe, and that it works. It can work our current fleet, the new fleet, and most importantly our rail; that interface between the wheel and the rail,” Trost said.

BART is rolling out the new profile Wednesday in the hope that the little change will make a big difference for riders.


Comments (2)
  1. Gremlin says:

    Why can’t the wheels be lined in rubber as transit trains are in Mexico City? they are soooo quiet!!!

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