KCBS_740SACRAMENTO (AP) — California’s Legislature has approved regulations on cow flatulence and manure – both blamed for releasing greenhouse gases.

The measure was approved shortly before the end of the legislative session Wednesday after its author, Democratic Senator Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, agreed to give dairy farms more time to comply.

The legislation seeks to reduce methane emissions associated with manure to 40 percent below their 2013 levels by 2030. Methane is one of several gases known as short-lived climate pollutants that don’t persist for long in the atmosphere but have a huge influence on the climate.

The bill also calls for efforts to significantly increase composting to eliminate the amount of food waste in landfills, which releases methane when it breaks down.

Republicans say the rules would harm businesses.

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Comments (56)
  1. Leave it to liberals to regulate cow farts. The left is insane!

  2. John Butala says:

    The cows will all be given a severe warning…..no more bean dip!!!!

  3. rory says:

    No bull, let’s thank a Democrat today for saving us from cow farts.

    1. chris says:

      if the left wing politicians are going to regulate cow flatulence maybe the bullsh!t they are trying to feed everyone should be out right banned

  4. the doctor says:

    so, kids are going to grow up with the image of cows with tubes coming out of their democrats to balloons strapped to their backs as commonplace? either that or they will only be seen in biodomes….I think we need to replace all of our legislators, they have gone several steps too far and are drunk with their power ( imagined or not)

  5. Cedric says:

    Wisconsin’s dairy industry thanks you!

  6. MoovingOn says:

    Only in California are they stupid enough to think that cows passing gas is harmful to the environment. I guess it’s a good thing we killed off those millions of buffalo that used to roam the prairies then, they would have killed us all by now.

    1. John Beargrass says:

      You beat me to it!

  7. TJ says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t require pilot lights on the cow to convert the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.

  8. ExNuke says:

    They are trying really hard to replace Florida as a Fark label.

  9. freedom1080 says:

    They should arrest all these idiots that signed this bill and locked them up in the mental ward

  10. VegPete says:

    I am a long time vegetarian and i believe we could stop global warming if we all were vegetarians and had less farting cows, (and people) on the planet!

  11. Kenneth Cucchi says:

    Our government reps. are getting crazier by the day. Hopefully Trump will get them all fired.

  12. reboyo says:

    this is idiotic. instead of passing legislature limiting the methane, they should be looking in to ways of collecting the methane. This goes for the landfill portion too. Methane is the same natural gas that runs homes, and with a conversion kit, cars can even run on it! Some articles I’ve read on the converted cars state that their emissions are 20-40% less than running on gasoline with very minimal power loss. Dairy farms could start having a natural gas farm side business. I don’t know why this isn’t a thing already. Farmers are really missing out on a little extra income.

  13. There are cities in America that are using methane to produce electricity now. instead of passing laws requiring reduction how about passing laws requiring using this RENEWABLE GASS for power generation? Or does that idea go too far over the heads of your law makers to understand?

  14. Randy Janssen says:

    California has now become the official capital for animal rights crazies. It all started when they passed a law against mangana or what the animal rights freaks called horse tripping. To pass that law the freaks lied about the dangers and then played the race card. The told the legislature that you could not trust those dirty Mexicans, because they has bull fighting. Then the freaks got a law demanding oncage free chicken eggs be sold in California. It did not matter that cage free chickens have more injuries because they eat each other. It also did not matter that cage free eggs cost three to five as much as moderns confined chicken production. After messing up traditions and food, the California regulators decided to go after entertainment. Of course, they did not go after the fact that you could see just about any perversion in the name of entertainment. No they went after Shamu. Without any real evidence they took after Sea World, irrespective of the fact that Sea World does a lot of good any employs a lot of people. Who cares about that! Shamu might be sad. Of course bull hooks had to go, since they might be used to cause harm. It did not matter that people who actually work with elephants thought they needed them and a pipe, or hammer or knife could do the same injuries. Now, the legislature is all up in the air about cow farts. It does not matter that the EPA’s own studies say that animal production produces a small amout of pollution. It does not matter that the regulations will cause a rise in meat. It only matters that the vegan army gets it way. One of these days the California legislature will realize that the animal rights crazies are the NRA of the left. Just a bunch of crackpots.

  15. Robert Yeip says:

    Sadly Randy, your hopes are not founded in the reality of the Peoples Republic of California. They’re never going to realize the folly of their ways. They’ll just keep coming up with ways to fix the problems they caused the last time they tried to help us. They never learn, and I’ve been paying attention to the craziness in California for almost 40 years.

  16. Once again given new meaning to the government being up someone’s ass.

  17. Mary Fosnough says:

    Concrete curing gives off greenhouse gases too. Good luck on keeping cows pooping and farting. What a bunch of idiots!

  18. Donna Billingsley says:

    Yea BEANO COWS!!!!!!! What a waste of money!!

  19. Julie Oldham says:

    How do you stop a cow or a person farting? Bloody loons.

  20. animalandpeoplelover says:

    And here’s an article refuting the claims that the anti-animal-use crowd is pushing: http://www.wsj.com/articles/actually-raising-beef-is-good-for-the-planet-1419030738

  21. dntgiveup says:

    Friggin CA politicians are the most worthless breed that exists. What is wrong with these idiots and the people that put them into office? I’ll tell you right now the only thing that keeps me in this state is my wife who refuses to move. I can see their next move is catalytic converter required on all cows. The stupidity abounds me in anything but laughter.

  22. "Doc" says:

    Thank God for their legislation! I live in Rhode island, and am downwind of all that bad air–expands as it gets closer. Now I guess they can get back to more serious stuff, on who is controlling their water…

  23. JDuron says:

    California has so many issues to resolve like the Criminal IGNORANCE California State Assembly, DEMOCRAT PARTY Majority turning California into a WELFARE STATE of ILLEGAL ALIENS and RUNAWAY spending taxing the Working Class and Business owners to pay for the WELFARE “FOR ALL” mentality for a DEMOCRAT PARTY Vote come election time!
    Cow Flatulence “give me a break”! Democrats should pull heads out of their own A&& and stop breathing own Flatulence to come up with this B.S.!

  24. DJ says:

    Cows in California will now have to be retrofitted with fart collecting backpacks like these:

    Fart Collecting Backpacks For Cows Will Help Us Combat Global Warming


  25. ron says:

    Why do Californians keep electing these idiots? Is everyone on “medical marijuana” now? What happened to “just say no”?

  26. T's Mom says:

    The only upside I see in this is that it will also cover all the hot air coming out of Jerry Brown and his liberal cronies…as far as I can see they are the biggest offenders!

  27. Karl Rosenblatt says:

    I see comments saying why not use the methane instead of reducing it. That is actually what they meant in case you didn’t get it. What is wrong with requiring people making lots of money to be responsible for their pollution? Should we get rid of laws that make oil companies and factories use filters to keep the air clean?

  28. Hailey says:

    I am sorry but now I know those people out there are brain dead for sure. Why don’t they regulate a volcanic eruption while they are at it. You just can’t fix STUPID…

  29. Termites. What are they doing about those massive termite mounds and the methane they emit? See, we’re not allowed what they allow nature. This is obscene.

  30. Nancy Keeler says:

    “Research by the Soil Association in the U.K. shows that if cattle are raised primarily on grass and if good farming practices are followed, enough carbon could be sequestered to offset the methane emissions of all U.K. beef cattle and half its dairy herd. Similarly, in the U.S., the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that as much as 2% of all greenhouse gases (slightly less than what’s attributed to cattle) could be eliminated by sequestering carbon in the soils of grazing operations.”http://www.wsj.com/articles/actually-raising-beef-is-good-for-the-planet-1419030738

  31. CA is so over regulated, It’s all in the money in the way of taxes. 21 Counties want to separate for lack of representation, and over regulation. Common State of Jefferson.

  32. tn says:

    This regulation really stinks..

  33. Sounds like a very appropriate legacy for Jerry “moonbeam” Brown, his administration and the crazy ass liberals who infest what was once a great state!

  34. John B says:

    Our crazy legislators are always looking to raise revenue, but this one just stinks.

  35. Bubba Darlington says:

    Did they forget that composting also releases methane gas? They’d get farther if they’d tax the carbon dioxide politicians release during their speeches.

  36. Bubba Darlington says:

    I forgot to add that horses, sheep, goats, pigs, zoo animals …and HUMANS also fart. Why are they just picking on cows?

  37. The left is beyond psychotic. They wonder why their agenda gets rejected in the last 3 elections. These people cannot be reasoned with. They must be defeated. Trump has exposed their insanity.