SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A violent confrontation at a popular San Francisco dog park Thursday evening was caught on camera and could lead to criminal charges against one of the people involved.

The scene at Duboce Park – one of the City’s most popular dog parks – started early Thursday night with dogs at play and ended with a fight after one pet owner got violent.

The cell phone video shows a man kicking a black Labrador before being tackled to the ground.

The incident started like an average confrontation in a dog park.

“The basset hound was making all this noise,” said witness Brook Stevenson. “He went between this other owner’s legs, and the owner of the basset hound came out of nowhere and pushed this guy.”

According to Stevenson, the man who was pushed had nothing to do with the situation. But the actual attack on the dog occurred after the owner of the basset hound became angrier.

“The basset hound got scared and started yelping, probably just because it was scared,” explained Devin Hall, another witness. “The owner overreacted and it escalated and he would not let go of this woman’s dog.”

That was when the crowd pulled him off and the cell phone video begins. One of the bystanders is seen grabbing the basset hound owner by the arms so the owner of the Labrador and her dog could get away.

While people the crowd interposed themselves between the basset hound owner and the owner of the Lab.

“Why don’t you take some [expletive] responsibility for your dog!” the basset hound owner yells in the video. “That’s why I’m mad! That’s why I’m mad!”

But as the woman and her Laborador move to exit the park, the man can be seen going around the crowd and kicking the Lab in its side.

Fight in Duboce Park where man kicks dog (CBS)

Fight in Duboce Park where man kicks dog (CBS)

The crowd immediately erupts in outcry as one bystander tackles the basset hound owner.

People can be heard saying that they are calling the police, but the suspect is seen picking up his basset hound and walking away.

Police arrived and took information from witnesses, but the suspect was long gone. Police are reportedly investigating the situation and the man is being sought for questioning.

The man was last seeing wearing a checkered long-sleeve button-down shirt, dark pants and wearing a tan baseball cap and tan hiking boots.

One regular at Duboce Park told KPIX he hopes the man doesn’t come back.

“Everyone blew up after that. You don’t come to a dog park where everybody loves dogs and kick somebody’s dog for no good reason,” said Stevenson. “I mean, dogs will be dogs.”

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  1. Jasper N says:

    The trouble maker looks Oriental. He was probably upset because he thought that it was a buffet where you can select the dog you want for dinner and then when the whites told him that is not how we do it in the civilized West, he got upset and violent.

      1. that mofuricki trying to crawl in under the radar cos his trolling id keeps getting flagged? mofuricki is a doosh. haha!

      2. Harold says:

        But he is funny.

    1. Harold says:

      LOL….dude, that is so true. I always wonder that if they I see one of them past my dog. Do they think I am walking my dinner?

      1. Jonny Mac says:

        The slanty-eyed ones have a history of cruelty towards dogs so it is no wonder that this thing kicked a dog in the park.
        Trump should ban the yellows as well and build a wall around those Asian countries.

    2. CO Jones says:

      :06 Female in purple parka feels free to knee the guy in the groin because men are effectively making him unable to respond. Would a male get a pass who publicly kneed a female in her crotch when incapacitated by other females?

  2. Kinda missed where the SJW at :06 need that guy in the balls too.

  3. fatin says:

    good info, thanks for sharing

  4. Kristina says:

    Well….how is the Lab doing after being kicked? Why didn’t the reporter find out the most important part?

  5. Steve says:

    No mention of the condition of the victim here, the lab. Anyone?

  6. That is why people need to have their dogs on a leash at all times. I know that these parks are for animals to run free, but this is what happens. Animals are unpredictable and so are ignorant people. I would never walk my dog in a park where animals can run free. Its asking for trouble.

  7. George says:

    Thankfully the fashion police were absent!

  8. Dave says:

    I’ve heard this particular park is horrible in so many similar aspects. I wouldnt subject my pet to that place.

  9. Joey Pitt says:

    Wow – here in Canada he would have tasted knuckles .

  10. rose says:

    The guy is a cruel and mean man …He needs to be arrested for kicking that dog …Many states this would be a felony what he did !!!

  11. Steve says:

    Here’s his facebook. His name is Danny Garcia Kim:

    1. Simon J says:

      Wonder where he works. I hope his boss fires him. You never know what this freak is capable of in the work place.

      1. Toby W says:

        I agree Simon. If like Bishop says he is trying to get an MBA at GGU, then he should be expelled and even sent back to whatever Asian cesspool he is originally from. With a name like Kim, I am thinking he is a fermented cabbage eater from Korea. They are disgusting things to begin with, so it does not surprise me at all that one of them would be responsible.

    2. tn says:

      WOW- sure looks like the prime suspect. It’s unbelievable how social media can hunt down just about anybody who has a computer or cellphone. I can’t wait to hear what his attorney is going to say about it all just a big misunderstanding….and that his client is seeking help with his anger management issues due to an abused childhood and being picked on by all his classmates and teachers….blahblahblah.

  12. Bishop says:

    He is trying to get his MBA at Golden Gate University….seems like he should be expelled.

  13. llen says:

    Why so many seemingly racist remarks about this guy? That disturbs me as much as seeing him kick the dog. I just hope he does not hurt his own dog.

  14. barbara leyva says:

    Has anyone here even thought that the guy was protecting his own dog from an attack from a larger dog? If any dog tried to hurt my own dog in any way I would do more than just kick it, I would kill it just to protect mine. No one just randomly kicks a dog without a good reason!