SAUSALITO (CBS SF) — Sheriff’s officials in Marin County are investigating the death of a man after his body was found in the bay near Sausalito Saturday morning, according to a sheriff’s office spokesman.

A boater first discovered the body in Richardson Bay and reported it to sheriff’s officials around 8:15 a.m., sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Doug Pittman said.

A sheriff’s marine patrol, as well as units from the Southern Marin Fire Protection District, arrived at the scene and brought the body to shore.

After examining the body, emergency crews did not find any obvious signs of death, according to Pittman.

The Marin County coroner’s office also responded to the scene.

The victim was described as a white male, possibly in his 30s, Pittman said.

“Our goal now is to investigate the cause and manner and eventually to determine the time of death,” Pittman said.

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Comments (3)
  1. Kevin L says:

    Maybe it was another techie who could not cut it in the Bay Area. Oh well, one less to deal with moving forward.

    1. Chris Ghiselin says:

      I’m his father and this is a sick thing to post, you need to think of life out there, family and friends Kevin L, he was a man who spent his life only helping others , good day to you Kevin L

  2. if that person was dateing summer at that time. as I understand it he was arguing with summer over stealing my skiff while I was in Denver for riotfest. as I understand it summer hit him in the head and shoved him in the water. he was trying to do the right thing and defend my posetions. so I believe he died protecting another person. summer and the people she hangs with were trying to frame me for the murder. when they found out I had proof of where I was on that day. they couldn’t do the frame job so they stole my skiff again as it was evidence of the murder. the person they call einstien stole it the second time and removed it from the bay as I was on the phone with sheriff dept reporting the theft and describing the boat and gave the name of the boat he was in and they refused to come out and do anything. within a month later they tried to murder me multiple times. sherriff and suasalito pd refused to help and now I’m on probation as I made wepoins to protect myself against around 20 at one time and I got caught with said wepons. I’m still battleing the sheriff judge in my case and probation. they are all involved. my and many others right are being violated hevely in marin county. I think I spoke with you chris at the doc when you and your other son were talking with police. I’m the one that took your son and my brother inlaw out to my boat to smoke pot. bro inlaw tipped me off that my life was in danger and secured some of the info about your sons death I speak of the thing happening there on facebook,twitter, all over this bay area. this story is reaching all over the world. of course I’m not a happy man so I get a bit nasty about it. GOD Bless.