(CBS SF) — Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry says he applauds Colin Kaepernick for taking a stand against police brutality by not standing for the national anthem.

Curry was interviewed on CNBC Wednesday and was asked about the controversy surrounding the 49ers quarterback, who has said he would not stand for the anthem to protect police killings of African Americans that go unpunished.

When asked his thoughts about Kaepernick’s jersey sales skyrocketing since the controversy began, Curry said,

I love that. I love that there’s freedom of speech and that he can stand for what he believes in. There’s gonna be people that disagree with him. There’s gonna be people that agree with him, which is what I think our country stands for. Hopefully it will drive the conversation to the bettering the equal rights and treatment of African-Americans and people of color.

“I applaud him for taking his stand. And hopefully the conversation is about what his message was and not ‘Is he gonna stand, or is he gonna sit for the national anthem?’

“I would also add the fact that he is putting his money where his mouth is, and donating what he said was a million dollars to finding ways to better, or to make his message a reality … I hope that all resources and conversations and intellect across the country will go to figure out a way to make that million dollars as powerful as it can be … He is on the right track.”

Kaepernick has received both widespread criticism and acclaim for his actions. Other NFL athletes have joined Kaepernick’s protest, as has a member of US Soccer’s Women’s National Team.


Comments (3)
  1. Edward Kaufman says:

    Police doing their job is not “brutality.” Persons of color are experiencing a huge problem with violent crime against themselves and others and that’s the issue Mr. Kaepernick should be addressing.

    1. Red Dee says:

      Police brutality is not a job. People of color are experiencing violent crimes committed against them by the police. Thats the real issue he is addressing.