By Christin Ayers

BRENTWOOD (KPIX 5) — A Bay Area field rusher, who pulled a stunt that tens of thousands of people watched live on national television, told us he had no trouble sneaking past security.

This is raising serious safety concerns at Levi’s Stadium.

William Navarrete, 16, was taking a walk Tuesday evening near his Brentwood home just 24 hours after he ran across the field during a San Francisco 49ers game.

He was eventually tackled by field security.

He told us when his friends found out he had tickets to the game, they dared him to do it.

“Ok, i’ll do it. You only live once, might as well have fun,” he says.

What he didn’t expect was for it to be so easy.

“If I was a terrorist I could’ve, like I don’t know. It was really easy though. Like I wasn’t even trying that hard. Like someone could do something worse,” he said.

He says he told his dad he was taking a bathroom break and then snuck into a section close to the field. Then he zeroed in on a security guard who didn’t seem to be checking tickets.

Navarrete went to the front row and sat there for a minute.

“I noticed the security guard turned his head to talk to someone and then I noticed that was my opportunity, so just went, jumped, and ran.”

Onto the field he went. Running loose as seconds ticked by with no security in sight.

“They weren’t even on the field for a while and then I was just running like where are you guys?” he said.

Navarrete says security outside the stadium is solid, but he’d give in-stadium security a D grade for safety. He hopes they make some fixes before something much worse happens.

“I think they should up their security because those were really easy for me to get through without any prior planning or anything,” Navarrete said.

  1. Xavier says:

    “I’m proud of my son for not backing down from a dare.” REALLY?!
    Is KCBS offering a platform for morons to air their ignorance? How can any sensible parent say this about his teenage son for running onto the field at a professional game? Ok would that idiotic parent say the same thing when his sons peers dare him to try some drugs or leap off a tall building?
    I’ll stop listening to KCBS SF in the mornings while taking my kids to school.
    – Xman