DUBLIN (CBS SF) — A chilling look at the consequences of drunk driving as portrayed in a video made by a group of Dublin High School students is going to be included as part of a national ad campaign.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving commissioned the students to make the clip. They described the video as “mind blowing.”

The students from Dublin High’s video production class spent their summer producing the 30-second video for MADD’s “No More Victims” campaign.

“It highlights key moments in almost anyone’s life. And an image taken away from such a bad decision,” said senior Madeline Nobida.

The students were under the guidance of DHS video production teacher Michael D’Ambrosio.

“I know I’ve had students and parents come up to me, and come up to them actually, in the last year and say, ‘You know, you guys have probably saved someone’s life,'” said D’Ambrosio.

Last spring, the students produced a video on the school’s “Every 15 Minutes” program, an anti-drunk-driving event staged at the school.

The MADD organization was so impressed by the video that they asked the students to produce a new clip for their “No More Victims” campaign that starts next month.

The campaign is aimed at reversing the trend of statewide DUI deaths going up.

“Unfortunately the numbers are actually increasing,” said program director MADD Natasha Thomas.

MADD says in 2014 there were 867 DUI reported deaths. In 2015, the number of DUI deaths increased to 889.

The students hope their video will sink it and send a message to anyone who considers getting behind the wheel when they shouldn’t.

“We know it’s going to send a really strong message, said Nobida. It’s something that is real and should hit hard. People should really watch and take it seriously.”

MADD said the increase in drunk-driving fatalities could be linked to the economy. When the economy is up, experts said DUI deaths also typically go up.

The MADD “No More Victims” campaign launches in October.

Comments (2)
  1. Pepe Jaspom says:

    There are far too many drivers on the road these days. Drunk drivers do a public service by thinning the herd. We should be celebrating drunk drivers and not condemning them.

  2. Ben S says:

    The whole drunk driver “problem” is overblown. There is no real issue with drunk driving. It is simply something that some bored mothers created because they wanted to make themselves feel important.
    It is seldom that someone actually dies in a drunk driving incident. Most of the time it is due to lack of sleep or taking on a cell phone.