SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Mike Rowe grabbed a shotgun, and a cell phone when he woke up to a drone flying outside his bedroom window, and filming him – naked.

Dirty Jobs star, and San Francisco resident Rowe took to Facebook to describe the massive invasion of privacy while he was “deep in the middle of sort of strange gardening dream.”

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Rowe was awakened by the sound of what he thought was a bumble bee, but leapt from his bed, dressed in his “Favorite pair of non-existent pajamas,” to find a drone hovering outside his window, with an attached camera’s red light letting him know it was rolling.

“Seconds later I’d pulled the Mossburg 12-gauge from under my bed and grabbed the cellphone from the bedside table,” Rowe wrote.

Rowe took off in pursuit of the privacy invader.

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“In no time, I was out on the deck downstairs, about fifteen below the electronic Peeping Tom.”

But, before blasting a round into the skies over San Francisco, which Rowe realized “would be frowned on by the local constabulary,” Rowe stopped himself, hoping not to look “as crazy as Gary Busey and Nick Nolte at the nadir of their careers.”

He did manage to snap a picture of the drone, which he included in his Facebook post.

“When the moment passed I put the shotgun down and reached for my phone instead, just as the wicked contrivance bugged out for the Wild Blue Yonder.”

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