SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Millions of working Californians who don’t have retirement accounts are about to get one under a new state program signed into law Thursday by Governor Brown.

It’s called Secure Choice, and it sets up a state-run retirement plan for about 7 million workers in the private sector, who don’t get a 401k or similar plan from their jobs. People like Charlene Van Kerren, a security guard in Sacramento.

“This bill is important to me, and to all workers because this gives all workers in California the ability to lay a solid foundation,” Van Kerren told KCBS.

Under the law, written by senate president pro tem Kevin De Leon, employers must withhold 3% of each paycheck, which will be invested in the savings plan, unless the worker opts out. Governor Brown says he signed it to avoid what he calls a looming retirement insecurity crisis.