SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The story of Brittany Maynard, a Bay Area woman who ended her life after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, will reportedly become the subject of an upcoming movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production company Good Universe has optioned the rights to Maynard’s life story, along with the life story of her husband Dan Diaz.

The entertainment industry publication reported that Diaz will be an executive producer and will be “heavily involved” in developing the film.

In 2014, Maynard was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given six months to live. Maynard moved from the Bay Area to Oregon, where doctors were allowed to prescribe life-ending drugs to the terminally ill.

The 29-year-old gained notoriety after writing an essay about her story and advocating for right-to-die laws nationwide. Maynard ended her life in November of 2014.

Following her death, Maynard’s family pushed for a similar law in California. The End of Life Option act went into effect this past June.

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  1. dinophile says:

    More evidence that the movie industry is completely controlled by the CIA, since Brittany’s “demise” is a CIA psy op.

    I am in a position to know, since I am Brittany’s aunt, and a lawyer. I requested all records Oregon law required to be created in connection with her “suicide,” such as her written request for the drug, copy of the prescription, name of consulting physician, doctor’s notes, and more, and was provided not a single one, on grounds of “patient confidentiality.” (This was the case even as to cremation and body transport permits, which are not medical records.) So even a close relative such as an aunt can obtain no assurance whatsoever that these “safeguards” were even implemented.

    The lack of records, as well as many other pieces of evidence (such as the funeral home employee’s telling me, “She is not in the system”;. a fraudulent death certificate; the use of models represented as “Brittany,” including the one with the chubby face in the video; the fact that Brittany’s Uncle David Ziegler is in military intelligence, and more, have caused me to conclude my niece’s “suicide” is a hoax, just the latest in tragedies staged by the CIA and its controlled mass media in order to affect public policy. Yeah, why shouldn’t Brittany and her ma Deb Ziegler and Brittany’s “husband” Mr. Diaz (whom no one in the Maynard family has ever met) get their payoff with this movie?

    My blog post about my experience and conclusions is at:…

    It is, in fact, illegal, under the plain terms of Oregon’s law, to obtain the initial diagnosis of a terminal condition in another state, then move to Oregon to get the drug. The initially diagnosing physician is the only one who may prescribe the lethal drug, by law. In Brittany’s case, the Oregon doctor who prescribed the drug not only did not make the initial diagnosis of her condition, but was incompetent to diagnose her at any time, since he is not an oncologist. He is “palliative care.” In other words, his biggest client is the hospice industry and his sponsors are Big Pharma and the insurance companies. Let’s don’t forget the false record the doctor is required to make, BY LAW, recording the death as due to natural causes, when it is, in fact, due to ingestion of a lethal drug.

    This legislation is not benign, and it is not about mercy. It is about insurance companies’ desire to avoid paying for your care when you get old and sick; your heirs’ venal desire to get your stuff earlier than they would otherwise; and physicians’ immunity from a murder charge–with no questions asked.