WALNUT CREEK (CBS SF) — New evidence shows that Campaign 2016 is having an emotional impact on people, stressing many out and, in some cases, even ruining relationships.

The fighting and acrimonious campaigning between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has gone on for months over television airwaves and across the Internet.

“This election is one of the nastiest ones that I’ve seen,” said voter Randall Piona.

“It’s like two high school kids fighting back and forth passing bad notes,” agreed voter Antrone Bradford.

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Studies are indicating all the election drama is starting to take its toll on the voting public.

According to a new survey from the American Psychological Association, nearly half of Americans say the 2016 presidential election is stressing them out.

“It has become emotional. It has become polarized,” Dr. Douglas Haldeman of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Haldeman said the stress comes down to how we are processing the information.

“Because of the emotional tone of this campaign we’ve bypassed the part of our brain that does the rational logical thinking and gone straight to the emotions,” explained Dr. Haldeman.

And the campaign is triggering emotions for just about every group. According to the survey, the election stress cuts across demographics and party lines.

The anxiety is so bad for some they are turning off their computers and phones and turning away from social media.

“I just really don’t use it as much. Its just really inflammatory,” said Walnut Creek voter Kay Kensington.

“There’s definitely a lot of people who saying things like, ‘If you don’t agree with my political beliefs or you don’t have same political views that I do, I am going to have to unfriend you.’ And I think that’s because the candidates are extreme,” said voter Lauren Edberg.

But Dr. Haldeman says you may not want to burn bridges, though you should try limiting your exposure to election coverage.

The American Psychological Association recommends voters try to avoid conversations that could turn into confrontations, control their own actions and keep your eye on the big picture.

“Remember whatever the outcome, this country will survive,” said Dr. Haldeman.

His message: keep calm and remember the bitter end of the election is only three weeks away.

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  1. re: ““Remember whatever the outcome, this country will survive,” said Dr. Haldeman.”
    Not if that lying, evil Pantsuit witch gets in. She is the Obama 3rd term and the Clinton 3rd term. Her incompetence as Sec. of State dealing with Iraq 2009-2013, led directly to ISIS’ birth and growth. Thousands have died because of that…blood on Hillary’s hands.

    1. This is exactly what the liberal media wants us to believe. Stress out the Trump voters, get them to believe he is a lost cause and no way he can win. I for one am not falling for it. And they will be even more persistent tomorrow after Trump wins the debate tonight. In order to get our minds off of the Hillary loss and away the wikileak dump that’s sure to come, they will have another October surprise to drop about Trump. Mark my words for it. I just hope Trump will not take the bait and stay focused on the issues.

  2. Jim says:

    Another Bill Clinton bimbo eruption today….And if HRC is elected, we’ll be subjected to one sordid drama after another for as long as she is in office…And nothing will get done.

    1. cbpelto says:

      RE: If Hillary Is Elected

      “if HRC is elected, we’ll be subjected to one sordid drama after another for as long as she is in office…And nothing will get done.” — Jim

      I predict a LOT of dead bodies. Just like when she and Bill were in the White House in the 90s.

  3. cbpelto says:

    RE: Disconnecting

    Can you say, Snowflakes?

    I knew you could…. 😉

    1. Janine says:

      I am not a snowflake or anywhere near that age group, but I have been doing the same thing. I am so sick of nasty politics on both sides.

      1. Freeland_Dave says:

        Who said that snowflakes are young? They could be bluehairs that just got a decent hair color job that didn’t turn blue but white like they wanted it.

        Sorry but if you can’t keep up with the politics that will shape everyone’s future for the remainder of their lives you are a snowflake.

  4. Mike says:

    The only thing they should watch are the Veritas videos. 50 years of voter fraud by the democrats? Voter ID is a mandatory at this point. How can any opposition elected official (including other democrats) function knowing there is a hoard of fake voters ready to descend upon their district if they vote/propose something the hoarde doesn’t like?

  5. RS says:

    It’s just so wearing. I am anxious for Election day to come and we can move on, at least hopefully if we elect someone who isn’t bent on giving the country away.

  6. mike hambuchen says:

    I will vote for Trump and have not been turned to the dark side of the force by the unending anti-Trump barrage in the media, including most Fox programs. I used to turn to CNN and MSNBC to see what they were up to, but it became so ridiculously anti-Trump and pro-Clinton by omission that I had to turn them off. I may not turn it back on after the election.
    On Fox, O’reilly is usually OK, Hannity is now too Trump, even the Fox nobodys talk about Trump as if he is nuts (i.e. Trumps valid claims the election is fixed from both the actively anti-Trump MSM and Democrat efforts of voter fraud).Fox Business is fair.
    The Clinton/Soros team has nothing positive to offer against Trump’s agenda and so they have gone to this smear campaign – perhaps too early. People will tire of the accusations.
    If the MSM were to cover the hundreds of pieces of new information released by Wikileaks and backed off attacking Trump, Trump would easily defeat her – maybe he will anyway as thinking people rebel with their votes by voting against the MSM and establishment of both parties.

  7. andy Martin says:

    Knowing that Hillary the criminal and liar might become President is enough to stress out the entire country.

  8. Paul A Noel says:

    It will be the Gestapo on Steroids if Hillary is elected. Donald Trump on the other hand will scale back the government intrusion into lives. This is literally an election between the forces of Slavery under Hillary vs the forces for Freedom under Trump.

    I can remember many an election where the Democrats pilloried the Republicans for wanting to cut Social Security. Now the roles are reversed Hillary wants to kill pensions and Social Security and Donald Trump wants to make these solvent and keep them working.

    The really big problem is that Democrats vote on emotion and the Trump people are checking the facts. That means there is very little communication between the two.

  9. SJW’s always get stressed out when they face strong opposition, their snowflake mentality is not up to the challenge.

  10. MarvLSOne says:

    I hope you younger people realize that if the media and the schools had educated you, instead of indoctrinating you, you would be able to engage a debate and a discussion based on the facts of the issue and by using reason. You could listen to an opposing view and then present your view.

    But sadly, you have been brainwashed to the point where you think Trump is a meanie, just because the media portrays him that way, and that Hillary is wonderful even though history proves the opposite.

    The reason you’re stressed is because you are using your emotions instead of your intellect. You have been conditioned to operate that way by years of “diversity” training, “micro-aggression” training, trophies for everyone, and every other politically-correct piece of left-wing nonsense they could come up with to make you a sheep.

    This election is a simple choice: If you want the continued decline of America – growing debt, collapsing economy, jobs being shipped overseas, no border security, increased terrorism, higher taxes, and fascist cronyism – vote Hillary. If you want the chance to fix this country, vote Trump. It’s really that simple. Status Quo – Hillary, A chance for real change – Trump.

    And if you believe all that “racist” “lewd sexist” slander, that’s just a sign that their brainwashing has worked on you because he’s been in the public eye for 30 years and nobody has ever accused him of racism or sexism until he decided to run for president against a Democrat.

    You don’t have to be stressed about it, if you use your brain.

    1. Justin Case says:

      SPOT ON — a breath of fresh air seeing a well written and truthful comment – props to you !!!

    2. Janine says:

      You hit that one out of the ball park. Everything you said is true. This younger generation has no critical thinking skills and will fall for whatever the main stream media tells them.

    3. Freeland_Dave says:

      Sadly the loony intellectually progressive libs have done a much better job at following God’s will than many professing Christians. What am I talking about here? Just a passage from Proverbs that states, “Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he won’t depart from it.” Well after over 50 years of the failed government public school brainwashing program what we have are older people who should know better but because they were brainwashed as a social experiment in public school are mentally incapable of doing anything else.

  11. McClain says:

    People are tuning out not because of stress but because they’re SICK of the media’s HUGE bias against trump and for Hillary. There is so much dirt associated with her and we hear NOTHING of that.

  12. John Sorger says:

    If Hillary Clinton wins she has promised to import tens of thousands of islamists from the third world who want to kill gays, and will kill gays, because islamic sharia law tells them to. So who are you going to vote for?

  13. Jabber Joe says:

    There is no election, there is the “Election Show” where the MSM airs “entertainment” to their viewers showing who the owners have cast for the part of “President” for the next four year run of the shows referred to as “The News”.

  14. John Campbell says:

    “I’m going to unfriend you on Facebook”

    I’m really upset by this. This is my upset face. :o)

  15. I’ll bet left wing San Francisco voters/dupes are getting stressed out right now! The Truth will set you free. Maybe Hilary gets her left and right confused. Maybe she meant vast LEFT WING CONSPIRACY!

  16. Michael Abbey says:

    I didn’t delete my social media accounts because I was stressed about the election. I deleted them in protest of the Nazi propaganda and censorship that they practice.

  17. No one Important says:

    Ohhhhhhhh comonnnnnnnnnn. . . .only the “special snowflakes” are getting upset. We Trump supporters out here are very much fired up, and out front with it. The problem is the “special snowflakes” realize that they’re probably going to lose. Numerous people have “unfriended” friends of mine, throwing tantrums. A family member even unfriended someone I know, because they’re so angry. Look at who engages in histrionics. It’s not the Trump people.

    Even funnier, we have “democrat” friend who are supporting Trump – even delivered us signs! Yes! Democrats! That’s how sick of Obama/Hillary the nation is – Democrats are delivering Trump signs to people!

    Time to wake up – the country doesn’t want more of the same (Obama/Clinton) – we want to be “America” again. We want to prosper again. And that upsets the “special snowflakes” out there.

    1. auzzievick says:

      Take heart. I’m here in fly-over land ( OHio) & have been comparing signs & comments with many across the state. Until last wk., there were only 3 signs for Hillary in 3 counties around here we’d seen. But what “trumps” your comment about Dems. bring signs to Repubs., is that banks of signs all over E. Ohio ( Rust-Belt/COAL Country) have 6 or 7 Democrat signs & at the end of the grouping is a TRUMP sign. This is heavily Democratic Country! I think Trump will take Ohio.

      Coal miners may be deplorables, but the CAN read.

  18. So ABC is asserting that people are turning off the internet and phones? And here all this time I thought there were others like mw who cut the cord with television networks and news for their constant Trump bashing and utter refusal to properly coker Wikileaks, the O’Keefe investigation into DNC corruption and fraud, or any real news on the criminal Clinton.

  19. Bill says:

    Many of my friends and I have tuned out the mainstream media, not because we are stressed, but rather we are sick and tired of the nauseating stream of propaganda being hurled at us by these state run ‘news’ outlets. I can get more accurate news of the day from Russian TV.

  20. Jim Stewart says:

    FINALLY! it appears that the level of exposed corruption has resulted in most people :
    a) realising that all the ‘journalists’ in the U.S.A. are propagandists (feds changed long standing law prohibiting propaganda use against u.s. citizens, a few years back)
    b) they can no longer maintain a comfortable level of cognitive dissonance when watching media, so they are shutting it off. i.e. no one can argue that media/corporate u.s. government fascism is real!

    just a little further to go people….. 911 was planned and executed by these same people (oligarchs). U.S. citizens better start believing that fact and taking steps to mitigate the blow back or it will be used to start ww3 and the u.s. will play the nazi role this time around.

  21. hammerstamp says:

    It hasn’t affected me that way at all. This is a fight for our country and our freedom. What could be more engaging than that? Trump 2016!

  22. FackFiut says:

    LOL, no one is turning off their computers and phones. We’re all turning off our TV’s! Everything on TV is rubbish!

  23. This election will have no sane person bragging about who they voted for. The choice is between a totally and absolutely corrupt woman and a totally and absolute jerk. The jerk reluctantly gets my vote. Hillary is a combination of Imelda Marcos and Evita Peron. And not a single thing accomplished as either Senator or Secretary of State.

    1. Lukuj says:

      A vote fir Hillary is a vote fir George Soros- a truly evil man.

  24. Ayn says:

    I’m not entirely sure when the Republic was taken from us, but it has become apparent this cycle that we are intended to be ruled and we should shut our mouths and accept it.

    1. JackBootedThug says:

      It was taken the minute after LBJ signed off on his “Great Society”.

  25. Ben Eaton says:

    Anybody that can’t handle this election is a poosey pure and simple. If you fall into that category you seriously need to reorder your priorities and figure out how to live your life and not the life others push onto you. If this election’s stress is putting you down you have no life other than what you see on your smart phone and the consequences of that are comical to me. I’ve seen stress meltdowns before and these are simply the crème de la crème.

  26. The exact opposite is true: We are turning off the MSM and turning to the Internet & Rush Limbaugh. That’s why 30,000 to 40,000 view Trump rallies on Right Side Broadcasting (YouTube) on line every time he appears. The MSM is cut out like when Reagan connected directly to the People.

  27. Kathy Katie says:

    We are experiencing extreme anxiety because, unlike the past 44 Presidential elections, our country has become so corrupted that America, our Constitution, and our values, will NOT be able to survive the outcome- if Clinton “wins”.

  28. James McGill, ESQ says:

    Sounds like the same special snowflakes on college campuses who have a heart attack when someone says something they disagree with. Put your big boy/girl pants on people!

  29. James McGill, ESQ says:

    Gee Republican HQs are firebombed and you say Republicans don’t want to talk about their support for Trump? Shocking!!

  30. Nathaniel Ellis says:


  31. JackBootedThug says:

    If you tune out, stay tuned out. Because once the presidential election is over and done with, the mid-term campaigning starts to kick off. More of the onslaught, ad nauseam. There oughta be a law.

  32. Joesockit says:

    The reason people are stressed out is that the will not survive a Clinton presidency. She has said as much. open borders and globalism, things she supports, mean there is no more USA. People are stressd out for good reason. At least intelligent people.

  33. zucccchini says:

    Here is the anxiety , the country has already changed in the eight years of Obama. Surviving another 4 or even 8 years…we will not recognize this country as founded by that time. That is extremely worrisome. The complicity of the media has been devastating to Americans. What they are proposing is very UNamerican in my estimation. I have turned off the news and barely read the headlines….and certainly will NOT watch any debates. I am done. I will vote and I am done. I can only hope Trump wins so we can “drain the swamp”.

  34. caffeineator says:

    I don’t know about “anxiety”, but boredom has definitely set it. Everyone I know and the people they know made a choice months ago. Nothing anybody says at this point changes a thing. If people are still on the fence, they are too stupid to be allowed to vote. This is the problem with democracy: everyone has a vote, even people incapable of thinking.

  35. Kala says:

    I turned off TV because of the putrid, lurid content and MSM. No point having the Hillary Ministry of truth haranguing my ears all the time. The press has disgraced itself, it is clear they have no ethics or morals

  36. Andrew Reader says:

    The overwhelming propaganda is what stresses them out. This election is not unlike ones in Soviet Union: a ruling clique-approved candidate is supported by its all propaganda outlets, and the elections are called even before they begun. The clique has an upper hand and the voters are told that there is nothing they can do about it.

  37. It helps when you understand that Mrs. Stainmaker is merely a figment of your imagination.

    No mortal human could possibly be that evil.

  38. Joe E in the IE says:

    Working American citizens aren’t stressed about the election as much as about the outcome, especially if a closet pro-TPP candidate endorsed by a pro-TPP president and paired with a pro-TPP running mate should win.

    No one wants to come to work after years of exemplary performance and hear “Sign this non-disparagement agreement. You have a month to train your replacement who’s here on an H-1B visa. One word to the press or even to your family before your last day and you’ll lose your entire severance package and most of your pension. Have nice day.”

  39. Reverend Ken says:

    Survey Shows Voters Getting Stressed Out By Election 2016

    …and yet here we all are…

  40. Falconflight says:

    Being ‘unfriended’ will be the nicest down vote we’ll ever likely experience again. It will get so much more violent. Just look at GOP rallies and campaign offices being subjected to Nazi/Communist terror tactics. No, things will get far nastier. Better grow a pair and prepare.

  41. Bill Stevens says:

    Seriously, this is nothing when it comes to fighting for the Constitution and protecting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th amendments! As usual the electorate are sad, weak, and unreadable!

  42. Crissyfield says:

    Power to the people! We have social media to share information that people are not getting on mainstream media, TV, etc. Thank God for Wikileaks, Drudge, Breitbart, Project Veritas! The truth will make us free!

  43. Jim Lively says:

    There is no safe space for you to run to. The time has come to stand, and be true.

  44. Tikaro says:

    FNC was the last media domino to fall to the Obama-Clinton-DNC cabal. About the same time Ailes was pushed out, the writing was on the wall. They now won’t even have O’Keefe on with his shocking revelations about Clinton/DNC sponsored election fraud and fake Trump protests.
    Well, I’m done with them.

    It’s time to exercise our knees and pray for God to have his way, he knows what’s best.

  45. GeneZ says:

    In this campaign there is too much harsh reality is getting too close for the bubble-world that many people live in… Unreality is being assaulted this time around with an ultimatum. Those who love to be deceived and told lies that sound good are in many ways being conflicted by what they see happening on the news.

  46. dtde123 says:

    The only thing I’ve turned off is the television….the MSM to be exact.

  47. gcarroll247 says:

    the reason is the media is so in the tank for Hillary it makes me sick to watch there love fest with her

  48. Ben Eaton says:

    Pathetic snowflakes can’t handle the stress. Not exactly the people you can count on when the going gets tough. Today when the going gets tough, the snowflakes meltdown. I can just see the little flits now wringing their hands and feeling all lost and alone . Not only are they stressed out but they’ve had to turn off their social media fixes and that leads to more stress and so forth and so on.Gotta just love these little match heads and how they burn. Good comedy and free to watch.

  49. Steve says:

    ‘“Remember whatever the outcome, this country will survive,” said Dr. Haldeman.’ Maybe, maybe not.

  50. Cali says:

    I fee the stress and tension amongst many, as well. This election will affect the safety, fiscal stability, well being of so many people. I think our older generation realizes the most. This could mean we lose our second amendment rights and future replacement of the constitution, which will make us another globalist dumping ground with a government overreach like we have NEVER seen. This is the final straw. We either keep our country, or lose it to globalist.

  51. Sam Burnell says:

    I can relate here. I have not been able to watch a debate since the first. It was like a pair of divorcees fighting over who gets full custody of the children (us). The debate has gone no where near what we need to hear about the future and all about which of the two we should “buy” because the other is far far worse.

  52. sean says:

    “is so bad for some they are turning off their computers and phones and turning away from social media”

    Silver lining.

  53. roger says:

    Hoosier here, and i will say i am pleasantly shocked to see so many pro-trump comments on a CBS/SF site. Maybe SF is not a goner.

  54. RJ says:

    There may be election anxiety, but there may be fallout that goes on beyond the election. The vast swath of the public, that “flyover country” that so many one percenters look at with contempt are the purchasers of their movies, music, newspapers, the viewers of their TV shows and cable news. The public’s disgust with a media that has lost all objectivity, and with rich celebrities who emerge from their gated villas and corporate jets once every four years to tell us how to rock the vote, may not be forgotten on Nov 9. Congress may have forgotten that they have the power of the purse, but the people haven’t.

  55. Kevin Brent says:

    Stressed out? No. People are just figuring out who the real bogeyman is, anyone who is or supports Nazicrats, and that social media is of, by and for Nazicrats.

  56. cleo48 says:

    If you’re a member of the middle class, a wife and kids, and have skills that could be replaced by an H1-B foreign national, yeah, you’re a little stressed.

  57. Diane Diehl says:

    I have turned off all media even FOX as tired of all the bla bla bla having nothing to do with issues. I am not stressed at all – just such a waste of time of watch tv. Enjoy my Netflix no wonder their stock has gone up!

  58. Lort Bizniss says:

    I wouldn’t call it stressed out. I’m just too old for puppet shows.

  59. willis forster says:

    Hating hillary is perfectly rational and tuning out or turning off the main stream media is logical since the only time they are not lying they are presenting a biased report.

  60. Emilie says:

    I am not stressed. I am disgusted. We have a crook running against a goon and the media talks about this 24//7. I have taken to watching Wild Earth Safari Live from YouTube on my smart TV because I can’t stand all the pundits and all the lies plus the media being in the tank for whatever candidate they are supporting. So the CNN instant poll of course gives it to Clinton and the FOX News people give it to Trump. Why should the media be believed?
    Was there paid people to disrupt Trump rallies? I don’t know. Are there paid pundits toting their candidate on the news shows? Absolutely.
    Let’s see – Trump does well till he messes up. Clinton talks a good line but I am unsure she will do anything worthwhile as president. In this I do agree with Trump. But can I trust Trump if we had a national emergency and he was president but involved with being angry at some public person who he believes insulted him? Would he forget our emergency and go into a Twitter frenzy picking on the new person who said something he didn’t like? I think we all know the answer to that. However, this is old news. Nothing new happened last night that we didn’t already know. We are still stuck with choosing between the obvious crook and the crooked businessman. No wonder Americans are tuning out. We will go to the polls and vote one of them in, probably Hillary, since her gaffs aren’t as bad as Trump’s. So it is over. Period, the end.
    Personally I did like Trump’s ideas, the ones he was touting at the beginning. But since he won the primary his public persona has gone downhill. I don’t know if he really wants to lose or is in cahoots with Hillary to help her win. There is something really sick about this election cycle. We all should have tuned out long ago.
    Chris Wallace, however, was a gem.

  61. Joe Joes says:

    I can’t stand Hillary and her pant suits. If i see her one more time in pant’s I’ll throw up. She is a crazy woman that will take us to war. I’m glad Trump is winning this election. Cant’ have another nut in the White House. She is so off she’s inviting all the bad people to come into our country to kill us – Isis loves Hillary. She is among their best allies.

  62. JESSIX says:

    I’m one of those people suffering from “election anxiety” but the condition isn’t as non-specific as claimed. My stomach twists when I see people I previously trusted and respected united as a mob trying to assassinate the character of another person. Democrats are a VICIOUS MOB on Trump as in a modern day WITCH HUNT!

    I can’t watch any network news because of CONSTANT ANTI-TRUMP LIES AND PROPAGANDA emanating from the mouths of people I used to respect. They deny facts I know are true and spew lies I know are false – 24/7 on EVERY NETWORK NEWS STATION! This is particularly upsetting to me as I used to watch or listen to news all day while I worked.

    My anxiety is from hearing lies and knowing others are misled by these lies WHICH I CAN’T STOP or correct. It’s that feeling of HELPLESSNESS TO CORRECT A WRONG that’s responsible for my discomfort.

    I don’t want to miss anything, but I’m helpless to stop the deceit of the Democrats.

    This is what ELECTION ANXIETY is all about!

  63. john august says:

    I am one of those people turning off the media. I am tired of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s terrible ads that bash Trump with lies and shower her in prase. I have sent in my vote, so it all over for me. I am even tired of the protests by over paid nfl players and stopped watch it too.

  64. Ace Lebeau says:

    Clinton’s paid sock puppets forced me off Twitter and Mother Zuckerberg’s left wing propaganda machine.

  65. Debra A Lefors says:

    Seriously, this election stuff goes on way too long. I think they should get 9 months at the most to torture us. And I think the media should not give their entire time to the election. We are just bombarded with it, day after day for 18 months or more. No wonder we try to get away from it.

  66. Yes, this is a tough election. That always happens when the raped, refuse to be raped any longer. DuH?