SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – A Trump boycott targeting the Republican presidential nominee’s daughter Ivanka is gaining steam.

Shannon Coulter of San Francisco said the Trump tapes were the last straw. Shortly after Donald Trump was heard talking about sexually assaulting women, the digital strategist launched the boycott of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on Twitter.

The boycott goes by the hashtag #GrabYourWallet, a riff on Trump’s crude words.

“We know how strong we are as consumers. We buy a lot of products from these stores. We buy a lot of clothing accessories, shoes, bags, you name it. And many of us are ready to flex that consumer power,” Coulter told KPIX 5.

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Coulter is circulating this list of stores that sell Ivanka’s line including Nordstrom, Amazon, Lord and Taylor, and asking them to stop selling it.

“It’s really taking off now,” Coulter said.

So far, celebrities including Don Cheadle and journalists including Joy Reid have tweeted about the campaign.

“I think it can be an effective boycott,” said Bob Dorfman, creative director at Baker Street Advertising.

Dorfman said social media will only fuel the boycott.

“With the power of the internet, it spreads faster and tends to have more effect,” he said.

Bay Area writer Gillian Bagwell recently joined the boycott.

“Ivanka Trump deserves to go down in flames and sink with the wreckage of her father’s campaign,” Bagwell said.

So far, none of the stores have dropped Ivanka’s clothing line.

Ivanka has only spoken briefly about the comments. Her critics said that is not enough, and because she’s been such a proponent of her father’s campaign, her business is fair game.

“If she hadn’t made herself such a public and passionate part of Donald Trump’s campaign, I don’t think the boycott ever would’ve happened,” Coulter said.

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  1. Darren M Schivo says:

    You know, I’m just a simple person that does no wrong to anybody and tries to respect what people want to do, but this whole thing on Trump is beyond childish. What is so wrong with what Trump wants? DO you people really like the situation you got today: illegal situation, Syrian situation, license for the illegals, heavier traffic? Are you really going to let hurt sensitive feelings determine the outcome of this election? I can see why that it’s best not to vote anymore. I don’t see Trump, take me off the voting registration. It counts for nothing. I voted for the runner up to Jerry Brown, failed. Voted no on SMART, failed. Voted on 187, prop 8, which I won’t detail what they are for I agreed with both props to keep things as they were, failed. That’s why I’m done with voting. You people take it all away for everybody and that’s just sad that any kind of a counterpoint is treated as racist. I hear no counterpoints at all as to why Trump shouldn’t be elected. I hear plenty on HIllary that she should not be elected, but you people in this state run backwards with no common sense. This stuff, which I got another word for it, on Ivanka, her family, is just wrong and stupid all the way around. I predict voter fraud as HIllary takes California.

    1. marty says:

      So, if you lose, it’s voter fraud; if you win, everything’s fine, eh? There have been tons of investigations into voter fraud, blue and red states, and the level of fraud is negligable. You have a difficult time admitting Trump is not electable, hate never wins.

      1. MP says:

        If you want to see hate, hypocrisy, shielding a rapist, and habitual lying, look no further than Hillary. SHE IS UNELECTABLE. We see through her web of lies, collusion, and deceit.

        Trump does not hate anyone. He simply describes the situation the way it really is. Sometimes the truth is very hard to swallow and fairy tales told by the Democrats sound so much more pleasant.
        Trump will win by a landslide and ignorant individuals like you will not even begin to comprehend how and why it happened.

      2. Darren M Schivo says:

        1st of all, the polling is done by nitwits and it’s really hard to fathom Hillary is ahead due to the many crimes that would top Al Capone, but I guess like Al Capone, she’ll get away with it because saps like you got hurt feelings when Trump like what, insults your illegal friend muslim, you believe the garbage from the women like some kid claiming a teacher was into the touching business? WHat makes the stories on Trump unbelievable is there was more then enough time to bring all this up after Trump declared he was going to run, after Trump got the nomination, after which he accepted it. THe timing is very suspicious and so old school to use wag the dog on saps like you. Anybody usinghurt feelings and what the media says in voting for HIllary is a goon in the words of Savage, so go fly your 49er flag and kneel before Kaepernick you sap.

  2. snafubar says:

    ” “(the boycott) It’s really taking off now,” (Shannon) Coulter said.”

    Further down in the story:

    “So far, none of the stores have dropped Ivanka’s clothing line.”

    Yeah, it sounds like “it’s really taking off now.”

    LOL !!

    I can’t wait to see the collective heads of the American left explode when Donald wins!!

    1. MP says:

      To these desperate loser anything, and I mean anything no matter how trivial is good if they can use it to bash Trump. Then, the “media” is shocked that only 7% of the population still falls for their lies.

  3. ZumaMom says:

    It’s almost embarrassing what goes on in this country now.
    My sister lives in England, and she says the Brits are laughing at
    our government and our pathetic leaders.

    1. MP says:

      Tell your sister and the Brits to mind their Islamic terrorists and leave us alone!

  4. MP says:

    Since my comment got censored, here it is again: The “media” and the left simply don’t get what is going on around them. The more you bash Trump, the more people support him and oppose this crooked system of media-Democrats collusion.
    Trump will win by a landslide. Everyone I know in the Bay Area is quietly rooting for Trump and will vote for trump.
    As Hillary would say, people have their public and private stands on the issues. The “media” will be shell shocked on the even of election. It’s Reagan, reloaded.

  5. R Gates says:

    I find it horrible “mob destruction mentality” to boycott Ivanka Trump’s business! Why would you do this to a person who works hard, has never hurt anyone and presents a good product simply on who her father is? Even Hilary mentioned how she respected the kids of Donald Trump! I don’t appreciate someone purposefully trying to destroy for the sake of destroying someone — Does she not realize there is a domino affect with this that will hurt employees and their families that are trying to make a living? NO. She obviously is looking for her 15 minutes in the spotlight. I just went out and bought a pair of boots from the line in support of Ivanka Trump and the employees of her business.

    1. MP says:

      Why would they hurt someone who works hard and is successful? Democrats hate success, independence, and freedom. That’s why. Trump is about to overturn the system of corruption built up by Democrats, so they pulled out all stops in order not to let that happen. They are beyond desperate at this point. Trump was supposed to be a punch line to Shrillary’s coronation, and now she’s losing to him.

  6. Macy Hatcher says:

    Bay area women not wanting to wear Ivanka trump’s clothing line? I find this absolutely hysterical since bay area women have been dressing down since the early 80s. Oversize clothing, torn and just flat ugly. The class that was once reigned San Francisco disappeared very long time ago. Of course they have no use for the ivanka trump clothing line, it’s just too upscale for your typical bay area woman.

  7. Diane Marye says:

    Well, if in doubt turn to blackmail. Good way to win an election.

  8. Cyndi Papia says:

    So you punish the relative/child of someone you don’t like? This is really what Americans now do? I’m ashamed.