KCBS_740 SAN JOSE (KCBS) — One of the next big perks for working in Silicon Valley could be an office door.

Some tech workers are grumbling about working in a space where you can see and be seen by everyone around you.

“I think that people are certainly realizing that open spaces sound nice, but they don’t work for everybody all the time,” says Joshua Newth, a programmer and engineer who works at Next Space, a co-working office space in downtown San Jose.

“So, in my café there’s no reserve seating, there’s no storage,” Next Space Manager Julie Kodama told KCBS.

She says today’s tech workers need to adapt to the workplace they’re in.

“A lot of people when I see them have their headphones on all day, so they like being around people, but they don’t want necessarily to hear people,” Kodama said.

Love them, or hate them, open work spaces are probably here to stay as companies save money by packing more people in per square foot.



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