KCBS_740SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Professional clowns say they’re fed up of this creepy clown phenomenon that’s been fueled by hoaxes and social media, and a group of San Francisco clowns held a rally outside city hall to – quote – “Make Clowns Great Again.”

Most of the tourists didn’t speak English, but that didn’t stop a large group from taking selfies with, and cracking up at the assembled clowns as they performed in Civic Center Plaza.

Katherine Lee of Novato came to support the clowns.

“Because we need more laughter, and we need joy, and that’s what clowns are about, and it’s not this scary, creepy thing,” Lee told KCBS.

Organizer Clay Mazing, who wore a silly blue spandex superhero suit and matching blue nose says it’s frustrating the widespread effect those pranksters have had on his industry.

“If there were scary doctors in the woods, you know, people wouldn’t hate all doctors,” he said.

He says these fake clowns are maliciously playing on what has made the character beloved for generations, worldwide.