By Philiana Ng

(ET Online) – Jane the Virgin won’t be a virgin anymore.

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The CW dramedy reaches its benchmark moment on Monday’s episode, when newlywed Jane (Gina Rodriguez) — and mother of one — will lose her virginity for the first time.

“I just want to say it is everything the fans have been waiting for,” Rodriguez told ET at the Paley Center Tribute to Hispanic Achievements in Television last week. “It’s gonna be funny and sentimental and a roller coaster and awkward and everything sex really is, let’s be honest.”

It’s not only a special episode in front of the camera, but also behind it: Eva Longoria got the task of directing Jane’s “big moment,” as she called it.

“Because we had Eva, it was perfect,” Rodriguez said. “And sex scenes are not as comfortable as people think — not as intimate, not as sexual as people think. But, with the person that I lose it to, he made me feel very comfortable.”

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Rodriguez couldn’t help but praise Longoria for expertly leading the charge behind the scenes. Special guest stars Gloria and Emilio Estefan make an appearance in the episode as well.

“She is focused, prepared, driven, funny, loving, generous and so smart!” the 32-year-old star marveled, with Longoria by her side.

“I had the dream episode,” Longoria said of her time on the show. “Everybody was in this episode. I was like, ‘Ahhh! Dying!’”

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9:00 pm PST on The CW, seen locally at KBCWtv 44 Cable 12.

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