RENO, Nev. (KPIX 5) – While Hillary Clinton has a comfortable lead over Donald Trump in California, neighboring Nevada remains a battleground. Some Bay Area folks have decided to make the four-hour trip to Reno to get out the vote.

Brigitte and Lucus Lyons of Oakland are supposed to be on vacation.

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“We gave up our 10 year wedding anniversary trip for this canvassing for the Clinton campaign,” Brigitte Lyons told KPIX 5.

Instead of Costa Rica, they drove over the mountains to Reno, to volunteer to knock on doors for Hillary Clinton.

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about coming out here to help instead of being on a beach somewhere,” Lucus Lyons said.

There are many signs that the presidential race will be very close here in the swing state of Nevada.

And that’s why with less than a week before the election, so many people from California, and especially the Bay Area, are coming here to Reno to help get out the vote.

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Cesar Palancares of San Bruno is with the culinary worker’s union. He is a member of an army of Union members who are not volunteering, they are being paid to come across state lines.

Trump campaign officials did not return KPIX 5’s phone calls.

But Republican Party volunteer Kim Bacchus said it makes her uneasy that her cavalry of fellow volunteers is far outnumbered by the paid members of the Democratic machine.

Bacchus: “They get excused from their jobs so they can come and do the work. There’s a sense that these people are mercenaries coming over and helping the Democrat party.”

KPIX 5 reporter Joe Vazquez: “Do you wish you had their army, though?”

Bacchus: “I was going to say Republicans have to do a better job of getting others to come forward.”

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Another major invasion of Bay Area troops is on the way in two days, over the last weekend of the 2016 race.