Lorde wrote a long, heartfelt message on the eve of her 20th birthday.

By Hayden Wright

(RADIO.COM) – Monday, November 7 marks Lorde’s 20th birthday, and as she enters her third decade the New Zealander shared some thoughts about adulthood in a Facebook post titled “A Note From the Desk of a Newborn Adult.” Most importantly, the message to fans confirmed that her next album will arrive soon.

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“Writing Pure Heroine was my way of enshrining our teenage glory, putting it up in lights forever so that part of me never dies, and this record – well, this one is about what comes next,” she wrote.

Then she teased fans just for the sake of teasing them:

“I want nothing more than to spill my guts RIGHT NOW about the whole thing – I want you to see the album cover, pore over the lyrics (the best I’ve written in my life), touch the merch, experience the live show,” Lorde wrote. “I can hardly stop myself from typing out the name.”

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And finally, the singer-songwriter revealed a vague timeline:

“I just need to keep working a while longer to make it as good as it can be. You’ll have to hold on. The big day is not tomorrow, or even next month realistically, but soon.”

Happy birthday, Lorde!

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