By Ned Ehrbar

(CBS NEWS) – With so much attention being paid to Hillary Clinton’s emails, Samantha Bee decided it was time to dress them up a bit.

And what better way to add some dramatic heft to the boring, everyday emails of a former Secretary of State than by having them read by an Emmy-winning actress.

On Monday’s episode of “Full Frontal,” Bee took a closer look at the emails that have been at the center of an FBI investigation and have plagued the Clinton campaign.

“Thanks to WikiLeaks, we discovered the real Hillary — a somewhat tech-averse workaholic who wants people to have medicine and wants her staff to print out this television show for her, large font please,” Bee said.

Bee then brought out “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” star Sarah Paulson to perform a dramatic reading of some of the more mundane messages included in the investigation — many of which consisted solely of Clinton either asking for something to be printed out or checking to see if Huma Abedin was still awake.

“One issue we must address tomorrow night, the future of women in the Islamic world,” Paulson read.

“Can you give me times for two TV shows: ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Good Wife?’” she added. “Please print.”

Check out Paulson’s full one-woman show in the clip below:

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