SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A San Francisco high school teacher is taking on the post-election question of whether teachers are supposed to educate or advocate. The teacher said calling President-elect Donald Trump racist and sexist in her lesson plans is the truth and her right.

The lesson plan from Mission High School teacher Fakrah Shah (.pdf) is not one adopted by the San Francisco Unified School District, but has been published in the San Francisco teachers’ union newsletter and on the National Education Association website.

Shah wrote, “Let us please not sidestep the fact that a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.”

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The teacher also offers suggestions to other teachers on how to engage students, telling them they didn’t lose and they should fight for justice and equality.

“In the very same way, I would criticize Clinton. In the very same way, I would criticize Obama. The record number of deportations. Hillary Clinton, she has been called a war hawk,” Shah told KCBS.

“We show the information, we just don’t label people. With Trump, yes, we have gone very straight and very direct to this idea that he is racist. That he is sexist. There is information released with his exact words, saying how to treat women,” Shah went on to say.

Harmeet Dhillon, a Sihk who spoke at the Republican National Convention, gave the plan an “F.”

“It’s boiling down the election in which 60 million people voted for this man to become president into two words: racism and sexism,” said Dhillon. “That’s very misleading. It’s just like propaganda. It’s garbage.”

Dhillon was quick to question whether or not some students might take offence or be hurt by the lesson plan.

“Some of these students probably have parents who voted for Donald Trump,” said Dhillon. “How are those students going to feel when teachers are shoving a message down their throats that they are evil and bad and racist and sexist?”

Shah countered that anyone who supported Trump would be welcome in her class to defend their position.

“They absolutely will be given safe space,” said Shah. “You know, they will be asked to explain how he is not racist.”

For her part, Shah was enthusiastic about the idea of other teachers using the plan.

“Absolutely. I want it to be a call to all teachers,” said Shah. “We should all take offense and we should create spaces where students can have their voices heard.”

The teachers’ union, United Educators of San Francisco, was offering the lesson plan on its website as an optional resource, saying that teachers are charged with supporting a student’s social and emotional well-being.

In response to inquiries for comment on the plan, the San Francisco Unified School District issued a statement that read in part, “This is one of many optional lesson plans being circulated in the wake of the election and not part of the official SFUSD curriculum.”

In contrast, last week a Mountain View high school teacher was suspended after a parent complained that he compared Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Since the presidential election, students across U.S. cities have staged walkouts in protest of Trump’s victory.

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  1. Jill Bardot says:

    This is outrageous!! This is her opinion and should NOT be supported by taxpayers!!

  2. The Liberal progressives in this City make me sick. I am a tax payer and this guy is no better than Trump.

  3. Kim Sousa says:

    Perhaps if Ms. Shah were “white” she would be looking for a new job right now. Her opinion has no place as a lesson plan. Political opinions as well as religious beliefs should not be part of the school curriculum. We are a very diverse state, and should respect and honor each of our differences. Believing that people should come to this great country through legal channels does not make one a racist.

  4. Fakrah Shah has learned a great deal from Julius Streiker and the Nazi propaganda newspaper, Der Stürmer. Get the kids early, indoctrinate them, teach them to hate and send them off for their brown shirt uniforms. Fakrah Shah sickens me and SF Teachers are just Nazi enablers.

    1. That’s laugh since Trump now has an actual white nationalist on his team.

  5. Ronald Barba says:

    teach lies all you want doesn’t make it true !!!! why cant you liberals ever for once in your hateful lives tell the truth!!! look up rosa parks award and his tax break. for women .. nbut a bet your not gonna show bill clinton as the rapist he was or hilliary with underaged girls nooooooooo why tell the truth or better yet dont even look up the truth for yourself !! im glad trump won the popular vote and the college .. or didnt you look that up yet ….. im embarassed to be a 12th generation californian …. shame on you

  6. Government school, government school teacher, get your kids out of government schools, education vouchers for all children directed by their parents to the school of their choice.

  7. this teacher needs to lose their job, is this truly the way we want our students being taught?? NO NO NO NO NO

  8. April Mills says:

    This woman comes from another country, then works to make our country like the one she came frim?

    NOW you know why all the kids are protesting! They’ve been propaganized!

    NOW you know why they don’t understand their government or political system! They’re not being TAUGHT, they’re being INDOCTRINATED.

    The parents need to sue this teacher, this school, and this school board. Then FIRE them ALL.