SAN RAMON (CBS SF) – It’s doubtful that many of the students at San Ramon’s Gale Ranch Middle School have ever heard of ‘Saturday Night Fever.’

But when they arrive each day, Principal Sue Goldman greets them as their parents drop them off with a smile, a dance step and a little disco music to get their day started.

Goldman started the tradition of strolling along the student car drop-off zone with a boom box blaring disco music last year.

“It was really a little selfish,” she said “It was a great way for me to start the day and who doesn’t like to dance you know?”

And it seems to be working. Just ask the students.

“Say, for example, if you have a test for school and it’s nice to just let loose and let go of your worries,” said sixth grader Eleni Dimitrakos.

Classmate Tiffany Phan shares those feelings.

“When I see her happy, it kind of makes me happy at the same time,” she said. “I love to have a happy teacher every day…She is a very great dancer.”

But Goldman disagrees with Phan’s critique of her moves.

“I’m not a great dancer,” she admitted. “When they see me, I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care how foolish I look…I want them to feel good.”

The response from parents has also been supportive.

“I didn’t anticipate the amount of attention it’s gotten,” she said. “The amount of positive emails, phone calls. People like to be positive and happy and I think our kids need it.”