TRUCKEE (KPIX 5) — It was a dark and snowy start to a busy Thanksgiving travel day in the Sierra.

Wednesday, is the busiest travel day of the year, and drivers hoping to beat the crowds early in the morning were delayed by chain controls.

Nothing was going to keep Miguel Campos away from his son and grandchildren in Colorado Springs.

We just got some chains for about $140 bucks, but it was worth it, you know. Gotta have them. My life is worth more than that man,” Campos said.

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The distance award goes to a Prius driver heading to North Dakota to support the protest at Standing Rock.

“We’re hoping to get to Standing Rock, North Dakota. We are stopped right now because we have to put chains on our tires. Never had to do that before, and it looks like it’s icy outside,” the Prius driver said.

Chain installers remind drivers that an ounce of preparation now goes a long way on the mountains. Driving up with a full tank of gas is also recommended, in case of an accident that can snarl traffic.

And don’t forget that return trip. Make sure you are ready to come back over the pass from your holiday, because more snow is in the forecast.



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