By Juliette Goodrich

RICHMOND (KPIX 5) — A Bay Area pastor caught on video going off on Richmond Police during a traffic is the founder of a group funded by the city of Oakland to repair relations between citizens and police.

The video was recorded when a woman was pulled over for registration tags that had been expired for almost a year. Her car was impounded.

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“I think the officer should have used discretion to listen to the narrative the woman was sharing around her issue and the medical issue that we’re facing the loss of her vehicle,” McBride told KPIX 5.

McBride, an Oakland faith leader is also founder of “Empower initiative,” which is  funded by a grant through the city of Oakland to bring community members  and law enforcement together to reform policies and repair relationships.

“I never said I was around to keep the peace,” McBride said.

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McBride is certainly no stranger to protests and demonstrations. He was part of a Black Lives Matter freeway shutdown on Interstate 880 – and a photo posted on Twitter was taken after McBride splattered red paint at Oakland police headquarters, protesting police brutality.

He was also arrested during the Ferguson verdict protests.

“Keeping peace preserved the status quo. Waging peace and making peace is around moving forward to ensure that we have justice for those who are most marginalized, and those who are most vulnerable,” McBride said.

So, if McBride is part of operation cease fire, are his protests a conflict of interest? McBride says no.

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“This idea we have to be pro police, or anti police, we are pro community, and we want to encourage our law enforcement officials to meet us in that area,” he said.

Juliette Goodrich