BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Anxiety mounted on the University of California-Berkeley campus Sunday as friends awaiting word on the fate of three classmates who were listed among the missing in the Ghost Ship Warehouse fire.

According to social media, authorities and the Daily Cal, students Griffin Madden, Jenny Morris and Vanessa Plotkin were listed among the missing as was alumnus David T. Cline.

From a twitter post by a friend, it appeared that Morris and Plotkin had attended the concert/party at the Ghost Ship warehouse together.

Liv Green who also goes by lil Funyuns on Twitter posted that Plotkin has been a friend of her’s since she was 5.

A friend posted this looking for Madden.

UC Berkeley alumnus and former Daily Californian online managing editor Seung Lee narrowly avoided the tragedy when he left the warehouse to purchase drinks at a nearby liquor store.

“There were a lot of people holding each other — there were some people kind of crying and wailing and just saying, ‘Oh my god, oh my god,’ ” Lee told the student paper. “That’s one of the hardest parts — it’s the fact that you know maybe they knew that they had people inside there.”