OAKLAND (KCBS) – There is no record of any fire inspection of the Ghost Ship warehouse that was gutted by flames last Friday, killing 36 people, in at least 10 years, sources within the Oakland Fire Department tell KCBS.

The property on 31st Avenue does not appear in the department’s database of 12,000 buildings that are required by law to be inspected every year.

Continuing Coverage: Deadly Oakland Warehouse Fire

That database was created in 2006. A source said it is possible the building was inspected informally, and the information never entered in the system, but that is unlikely, and there’s no record that it was.

Fire Station 13 is less than two blocks away from the warehouse. Firefighters do conduct routine inspections between emergency calls, but only of buildings that are in the database that they are assigned to visit.

Interim Planning and Building Department Director Darin Ranelletti made the startling admission at a news conference Wednesday that none of his department’s inspectors had been inside the doomed building in at least 30 years, even though they’d visited the property repeatedly to investigate complaints.

But city officials have been unable to say when the last routine fire safety inspection was, or produce any records of such a search. That’s because there aren’t any, at least for the last decade.

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  1. The real people responsible are those who lived/worked inside and the concert promoter.
    They turned the place into a deathtrap. No amount of inspections would have prevented that.
    The careless hipsters would have tidied up the place before the fire marshal visited, then overload the electrical and clutter up the place the moment he left.
    Besides, it was a warehouse. No one is supposed to be living there or having concerts there at all. This tragic story is really a tale of stupid residents, promoters refusing to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions.

    1. Oh no, Joseph! You speak the truth! That’s a micro aggression. You may trigger the delicate snowflakes! All hipster snowflakes will now have to run back to their safe spaces and spend some time with their crayons, coloring books, and stress relief companion hamsters.
      But seriously, you are 100% correct. I will be VERY surprised if even one person goes to jail for this.
      Libs are infinitely stupid and they fail to see even the most obvious things right in front of them. Fridge in the warehouse was blowing fuses so lib genius put in a bigger fuse and now he’s surprised that they had an electrical fire in that hell hole full of hoarders.

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