SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – There’s an effort underway in San Francisco to require the Chief of Police to live in the city.

It used to be that the police chief always lived in the city. But the requirement was dropped in the mid-1980s because it made recruitment more difficult.

The non-binding resolution to bring the old rule back was put forward by Supervisor Norman Yee. It’s set to go before the full Board of Supervisors next week.

Yee said the heads of first responder agencies should live within city limits so they’re right there in case of emergency.

Just 27 percent of the San Francisco Police Department’s rank and file actually live in the city.

Mayor Ed Lee is currently considering three candidates for the post of chief.

  1. Only 27% of the rank and file live in San Francisco? Attention: Internal affairs department, 27% of your department is obviously living beyond their means you might want to investigate the source of their under the table income because there’s no way they could afford to live close to work on a cop salary. Look at San Jose PD, they have cops living in the police station parking lot for the same reason.