By Julie Watts

VALLEJO (KPIX 5) — A UPS driver was caught on camera this week making a not-so-special delivery at a Vallejo home, leaving the recipients furious.

The home owners knew something was wrong when they found their delivery unceremoniously dumped in their front yard.

When a UPS driver wasn’t able open a gate in Vallejo, she decides to toss an armful of packages over a garden wall.

While many UPS drivers have their hands full this time of year, one driver in Vallejo had them a little too full.

Vallejo homeowner Heather Briscoe said at first she couldn’t figure out why her boxes were left in her yard, but then she and her husband checked their security system.

The video shows that the UPS worker tried to open the gate outside the home and when she can’t, she drops the packages over a wall and onto the wet ground and walks away.

“I was in shock! I was absolutely appalled,” Briscoe said.

“It’s not right…to just dump people’s packages over a wall, especially those marked fragile,” she said.

A sign on the Briscoe’s front gate may have played a role; it reads “No soliciting Keep gate closed.”

But Briscoe says that hasn’t stopped other delivery people in the past.

Briscoe reached out to UPS and told KPIX 5,

“They’re excuse was, ‘It’s an 18-year-old hired off the street,’” Briscoe explained

It’s not the first time a delivery driver has dropped a package, but UPS says incidents like these are actually extremely rare.

The company delivers about 700 million packages during the holiday season.

Still, Briscoe says it hurts when they’re yours. She says while nothing was broken, the contents were wet.

“She could have set them down, tried to open the gate, but she didn’t do that,” Briscoe said.

UPS took prompt action to contact Briscoe and said she declined compensation. UPS said delivery care is emphasized for all UPS drivers and seasonal helpers.

Comments (7)
  1. Its a matter of black and white

    1. As soon as I read the headline over on Consumerist, for some reason I suspected what the UPS person looked like.

  2. Paul Brewer says:

    So….even if Trump comes through with “jobs”….these kids need to know exactly what a “job” is….There are inner city programs where first time workers…..and these are 18 – 20 year olds are given transportation to and from taxpayer created jobs….are given free lunch…and 80 % dropped out because”It wasn’t any fun”…

  3. Why did KPIX 5, ask a “UPS employee” about theft from U.S. mailboxes and not a USPS employee? no other news media outlet would ever ask a FedEx employee about a UPS issue, “what idiots”…

  4. I’m not shocked. I use to work at FedEx and the bosses are pushing people to do this type os shiat during peak season. A lot of the people they hiring now are seasonal workers who have no training what so ever. Fedex ground(green) is the worst of all of them. I leave signs on my door telling to leave packages inside, but they are still to lazy to turn the damn knob and leave stuff out in the open so anyone can see. USPS has improved so much that, that it really no reason to use the premium carriers.

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