SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — San Francisco and major U.S. cities and counties across the country are beefing up legal services for immigrants to help them fight deportation and avoid fraudulent lawyers in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

Tapping local government funds to represent immigrants in federal proceedings is an early example of the type of pushback the Republican incoming president will receive in Democratic strongholds.

Advocates call it a matter of justice and smart economics, but some question whether it’s a fair use of taxpayer money.

Several California state lawmakers have proposed spending tens of millions of dollars to provide lawyers to immigrants facing deportation. San Francisco is considering a proposed $5 million fund. Officials in Los Angeles are working on a plan. Chicago has approved a $1.3 million. New York is mulling a public-private legal fund, building on New York City’s public defender program.

  1. Greg Gadfly says:

    If Americans are going to let people in, give them a helping hand and integrate them into society should we not expect a slight amount of gratitude, maybe, by not committing crimes?

    President elect Trump has stated his position several times.

    If you are an illegal immigrant and have been committing crimes, “bad hombres” you will be going home, otherwise we are glad to have you. Many of you work very hard and are productive.

    An example of a person that should go home…

    A corrupt Mexican DEA employee has been using his vehicle to commit insurance fraud.

    His vehicle is described as a cream colored older model Cadillac Escalade. He was last seen running his scam at the one of the major casino’s self park parking garage in Las Vegas.
    He tried the scam on me….

    I got into my vehicle which was parked on the top floor of the self park garage. I had parked my car in an area with many open spots around me. The lot was only about 2/3 full.

    As I started my car, I glanced up to look into my rear view mirror when I watched this older cream colored Cadillac quickly pull up and place the front of his car directly behind me and sit. His car was perfectly positioned so that I might have missed it if I had not seen him drive up. I watched for a few more moments when he spotted me watching him in the rear view mirror. He then quickly pulled back then forward then back and forward again and I presume he exited the parking lot because as I left I could not see his car anywhere.

    Description: ~2005 Cream colored Cadillac Escalade,mexican male driver approximately 30 years of age with short military style hair cut, last spotted at the $%#@ parking garage.

    I called the Casino security and gave them a description of the car and driver. I also indicated I was parked so that they could see the entire incident on security cameras.

    If you see this person in a casino parking lot, contact the casino security.

    We all know Mexico has a problem with corrupt law enforcement. With corruption being as pervasive as it is in Mexico, why would law enforcement employees of Mexican descent in the U.S. be any different?

    Everyone be careful. He is corrupt piece-of-s**t..

    I had a very good look at this person as I stared into my rear view mirror waiting for him to move. I have seen him several other times thereafter.


    The reality is that this piece-of-s**t and others like him from the Department of Justice will continue to steal from their suspects.

    No one will do anything. Too many in the DoJ benefit from stealing from suspects.
    The past eight years worth of lax hiring criteria has turned the FBI, DEA, etc… into organized crime whose members prey on their suspects, those who can not defend themselves.

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