DAVIS (KCBS) – Authorities are investigating a hate crime after a surveillance camera captured a woman shattering windows and placing strips of uncooked bacon on a door handle of a Davis mosque.

The vandalism was discovered yesterday at the Islamic Center of Davis.

Many Muslims abstain from eating pork products. The Davis Police Department calls the attack a hate crime because of the bacon left behind.

Police describe the suspect as a white female adult with red or brown wavy hair, between 25 to 35 years old, standing 5’4″ to 5’8″ tall, weighing about 160 to 180 pounds. The suspect was seen wearing beige high-top shows, gray or blue pants, a white vest and black cap during the incident.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the suspect.

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  1. Islam is a hate crime, and the Quran is hate speech. Something like 80% of Mosques in the USA are owned by terrorist organizations. Nobody was hurt here so this is not a hate crime. Littering, maybe. Not a hate crime. Law enforcement needs to concentrate on terrorists and other criminals. Imamobama is not the President now.

    1. If it would have been secular coffee cups you’d be screaming “War On Christianity” #ShariaAmericana✝️

    2. @Richard…. you’re ignorant. Unless you’ve read the Quran word for word, you cannot make such a generalized and incorrect statement. Your wanting to jump on a bandwagon without learning the details of what youre signing on to support, is dangerous for our country, and for yourself and everyone you’ve ever known or cared for. You can’t make such a sweeping assumption without knowing what you’re talking about. Islam is not the problem. If you spent more time reading and learning about what’s happening in the world, why, and how people are affected by those things, we may not be in backwards trend we’re finding ourselves to be in. Spreading intolerance by making dumb statements like this, and for really believing them without having done any research on your own, shows how dumbed down this country is. i dont blame you you wanting to jump on something and be part a movement, but you have to do it intelligently, and in congruence with what’s best for not just you, but for all of us, who call this place home. exclusivity, lack of transparency, spreading intolerance when you dont know what you’re talking about, will keep us going backwards. educate yourself, man.