Social media has made networking easier than ever. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it possible to promote, market, and sell your products and services quickly and efficiently. However, face-to-face networking still has its perks. In-person networking is an imperative skill all businesses, small or large, should acquire. Additionally, networking is a great way to expand your potential customer base, meet new people, and learn about new initiatives, programs, and tips. Find out how you can grow your business by checking out these organizations.

Alliance for California Business (ACB)

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In 2013, the nonprofit organization Alliance for California Business was founded by business owners, managers, and industry professionals who believe in hard work and a small government backed by loyal officials who represent the people. ACB not only thrives to ensure that California regulations do not interfere with local businesses and business owners, but succeeds in reducing risks and increasing opportunities for California businesses. Members of the ACB take pride in restoring California’s reputation as a business-friendly state. An ACB membership is open to all businesses, individuals, and nonprofits. Suggested membership dues are $100.

California Small Business Association (CSBA)

The California Small Business Association, founded in 1980, is a volunteer-driven, non-partisan, nonprofit organization that provides small business owners with a meaningful voice in federal and state governments. CSBA supports the small business man and offers members the chance to make a difference through political impact. Membership levels range from Regular memberships starting at $150 to Affiliate memberships starting at $1,000.

National Association of Women Business Owners, California Chapter (NAWBO)

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The National Association of Women Business Owners prides itself in being the only dues-based national organization that recognizes and represents the interests of emerging and established women entrepreneurs across all industries. The California chapter of NAWBO proudly represents more than 1.3 million women business owners in the state, raking number one nationally in the number of woman-owned firms. NAWBO consists of diverse members, including industry professionals from construction, manufacturing, energy, technology, retail, agribusiness, biotechnology, health, transportation, life science, and profession services, just to name a few. To join NAWBO, a $75 initiation fee is required. Monthly dues range from $19.95 to $39.95.

The number of organizations available to you are almost unlimited, from biomedical companies to contractors to writers. There are also many ethnic group based associations located in southern California who focus on connecting business owners in their communities with one another and with beneficial resources. If you’ve yet to take advantage of joining a business-boosting organization, add it to your list.



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This article was written by Tabitha Shiflett for CBS Small Business Pulse.