LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ellen DeGeneres has used “Finding Dory” to illustrate her stance on President Donald Trump’s recent executive order on immigration and refugees.

DeGeneres provides the voice of the title character in the Disney/Pixar hit. Trump hosted a screening of the animated film at the White House over the weekend.

DeGeneres went over the plot of the film on her chat show Monday , mentioning that the animated fish she plays finds herself stuck in an aquarium institute “behind a large wall.” She notes that the wall “has almost no effect” in keeping Dory and her friends from getting back to the ocean.

She says Dory is helped by other sea creatures “even though they’re completely different colors because that’s what you do when you see someone in need, you help them.”

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  1. Ellen —- news flash, it is a cartoon and not reality. Reality of fish is that they travel in their own schools. Normally those schools of fish don’t like swimming with the shark, who BTW Ellen, like to eat the fish swimming in those schools.

    I haven’t seen the movie Dori but I did see Nemo. I liked Nemo and would probably like Dori. While watching the movie’s I know that it was a fantasy….not reality. Oh and BTW Ellen I like your TV show.