SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Reddit has banned a forum for white nationalists from its social news website, citing the company’s rules against posting personal information and online harassment.

Reddit spokesman Anna Soellner said in a statement that the company banned its “r/altright” forum on Wednesday for repeated violations of its content rules. Soellner said Reddit users can be banned for posting personal information, but her statement doesn’t cite any examples involving the banned forum.

Thousands of users subscribed to the forum named for the “alt-right” fringe movement, a mix of racism, white nationalism and populism. Other sites, including, became popular forums for expressing “alt-right” ideology.

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian posted an open letter Monday in which he criticized President Donald Trump’s recent executive order restricting immigration from seven countries, calling it “deeply un-American.”

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  1. Rich in Bay Area irony; with horse-blinder sightlessness from the owners of Reddit. Their blogs and chats are FULL of “Antifa” and “Complete Anarchy” subs, wherein much of the organizing and and networking for the “black bloc” tacticians takes place; a hosted site enabling coordination for the hard left. If we had an FBI worth their beans, the site’s hosts would be up for racketeering across state lines and inducement to riot. Just sayin’ :-/