By Da Lin

ANTIOCH (KPIX 5) — An East Bay middle school student allegedly punched a substitute teacher several times.

Police say it happened last week at Antioch middle school. We’re told several students saw the beat down.

Many students at Antioch Middle School heard about the attack on a substitute teacher, some have even watched cellphone videos of the beat down.

Students say a 13-year-old girl got in the sub’s face after some sort of argument.

Eighth grader Jasmirae Tate said, “That’s when the student started punching the teacher and the teacher fought back.”

Antioch Unified School District Associate Superintendent Adam Clark said, “There are no winners in situations like this. We had an employee that was injured and a student who’s dealing with some serious consequences.”

They say the teacher used papers to hit the student to get her to back off, but they say the girl punched the teacher in the face several times. And what started near the classroom door ended on the hallway floor with the student on top of the teacher.

Given the student’s age, the school district couldn’t say much.

Police arrested the student and cited her before releasing her back to her mother.

Educators say it doesn’t happen often, but that the latest attack brings back memories of another middle school student who punched a substitute in an Oakland classroom in 2013.

  1. This is a case of parents who refused to parent their child. Now the child is a violent brat and no doubt mommy will be telling us, but so and so is such a good girl.