SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — A group of volunteers called “The Initiative” have been spending their Sundays scouring San Francisco’s mean streets, sidewalks and alleys looking to remove syringes left behind by drug users.

They want to keep the city safe for kids, adults and pets.

The volunteers also hand out personal items such as socks and food to the homeless people they meet.



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  1. Nate Boeg says:

    I’ve tried loading this video many times and it just won’t play! We’ve spread the link around and folks are frustrated that it won’t work.

  2. Don’t forget the used condoms in the alleys from the city’s gay population. When you pick up the trash from these low-life, it really opens up your eyes to the disgusting, overpriced ghetto that San Fran-sicko has become.
    Sell the house, see if someone dumber will pay $750,000 for it, move out, buy a bigger house for less elsewhere, and have plenty of cash left over.

    1. Nate Boeg says:

      So much compassion and optimism.