SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco’s world-famous Hetch Hetchy water is about to change.

Starting in March, a small amount of groundwater will be added to the Sierra mountain drinking water.

Businesses who use water in everything from pizza to coffee, fear the change will make their products taste different.

Everything is water,” says Luciano Repetto, owner of Graffeo Coffee. “If you change the composition of the water you’re going to change the taste, of course.”

Matthew Carlisle, manager of Goodfella’s Pizzeria agrees.

“The taste of our family owned dough will be different,” he says. “We were wondering if we might have to ship water from New York.”

In fact, San Francisco’s water changed last month when the Public Utilities Commission switched to reservoir water during repairs on a mountain tunnel. They say they did not see a spike in complaints about the quality.

As to why the PUC is choosing to change the Hetch Hetchy water, they say it will conserve the water supply before the next drought.

Comments (2)
  1. Please explain how this is going to help conserve our water supply. Our ground water is very valuable and should only be used in emergencies as it takes eons of time for ground water to manifest itself. We have had lots of rain this year. Much of it will be wasted because it will melt early with not enough reservoirs to store it. Adding ground water at this time makes no sense to me. It will just go to waste. Please explain to the public why this is necessary and give us scientific and smart reasons please, and do so on your website. Thank you.

    Maximilienne Ewalt

  2. This is infuriating! I can’t believe this happened. I love Hetch Hetchy our water is a source of pride and we pay too much money to live in San Francisco without this being voted on! I tasted the difference immediately- There is no positive only negative effects from tapping into ground water. That is a last resource EMERGENCY resource to tap into, we are NOT in a drought, this will change our topography- draining underground resources is dangerous for earthquakes. How clean is this water? Barely treated only adding more chlorine?? Why only on the West side? Why not downtown for business- mostly being used during the day and mainly using water coolers! What about the new developments using this tapped water instead of long standing residents and schools. Why are we SELLING our good water to the Peninsula? I work at a high school and the students can taste the difference in the water- worried complaints that something is wrong. I live in the Sunset and grew up on the West side and can taste the difference in the water too. No measures have been voted on and the “positive” Marketing campaigns on buses and the radio are a brainwashing scam- We need this to be a bigger headline please!

    Thank you,
    Katie Cicin-Sain