CONCORD (CBS SF) — A Concord high school administrator was the victim in a scandal Monday after a nude video illegally taken by a student inside a locker room at a private club was distributed on social media.

Outside Clayton Valley Charter High School, Monday afternoon, confused parents approached KPIX 5 cameras waiving suspension slips for their children looking for answers.

The teens are accused of distributing a nude photo still from a video of Clayton Valley Charter High School Executive Director David Lindzey. The video was taken in an off-campus locker room at a private club in Walnut Creek.

One parent confirmed that her daughter was in trouble for sharing the photo with friends, but not for taking it.

Parents said they were not getting much information from administrators. They feel as though their students were being singled out.

“You cannot tell me out of all the kids here at school, only five sent it to somebody,” said one parent.

“Right around fourth period, everyone had it on their phone,” said student Jacob Aviola, whose sister was suspended for five days for having the picture on her phone.

Most students agree sending the picture was wrong, but they’re worried about the lack of information coming out of the main office.

“We’re just worried about our rights as students,” said one teen who attends Clayton Valley High.

School administrators declined to go on camera, but the schools Operations Director Alison Bacigalupo released a statement.

“CVCHS takes disciplinary issues seriously and we never comment publicly on any specific matter related to our students,” the statement read. “We would encourage the media to respect the privacy of our students and to recognize that discipline is always confidential.”

KPIX 5 reached out to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s office to inquire whether any of the students might be facing criminal charges, but there was no response as of 5 p.m.

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  1. Loren Wilson says:

    I believe that the parents should be using this punishment as a learning tool for the children for whom they are responsible, instead of worrying whether or not they were “singled out”. What they did was patently wrong and they need to understand that.

    1. Under 18…should have nothing more than a flip phone. I Phones, etc are not needed to have mom or dad come to pick them up.

  2. “we’re just worried about our rights as students”…………..hahahahahaha……… have no rights.

  3. people still like to get naked and people still like to look.the next social justice fight for libturdz

  4. John McElroy says:

    I am so glad that I am not growing up today.

  5. rufusvondufus says:

    How appropriate for a bunch of liberal California nut cases that they are not worried about what they did wrong but are worried that they are not getting enough info from the school office. Maybe the school authorities should give them all the stories about their brain-dead little prodigies. Maybe they could all go to some adults house and have a threesome!

  6. Expel them permanently. Make the helicopter parents pay for private school or send the little brats into the fields.

  7. Sorry children, you leave ‘rights’ at the door when you enter the school building. Period. Look it up.

  8. Don Perry says:

    Let’s see, they trample the administrator’s rights, but then complain their rights are being violated. Typical BS liberal hypocrisy.

  9. 1. No phones should be allowed in school. 2. Take a phone to school and you get expelled.

  10. The police should be handling this, not the school. If I were a student, I’d refuse to hand over my phone to the school, as they’ve no right to it, and as far as I know, school officials can’t obtain search warrants without the police involved.

    Consider if this were at a private school. In that case, the private school’s contract with parents of students could give the school the right to search cell phones at any time, or not.

    Regardless if the school is public or private, it seems the school should obtain the parent’s permission first, unless there was a search warrant, and then it wouldn’t be the school doing the searching.

    1. Rob Lynn says:

      Possession of a phone in school is not a “right,” it’s a distraction.

    2. Yirmin Snipe says:

      Most parents blindly sign all the forms that schools hand them, one of which usually gives the school the right to take phones from kids, this school had the kids sign a release to give the phones to the school.

      First thing parents should always do is throw those papers away and never sign them. Second thing is to make sure you tell your kids to never hand over a phone to the school and to never sign anything. Kids have a right to a public education and cannot be required to give up their rights against search and seizure without a warrant just to go to school.

      1. “Yirmin Snipe” – ” Kids have a right to a public education and cannot be required to give up their rights against search and seizure without a warrant just to go to school.”

        You are seriously ignorant of the laws regarding what school administrators can and cannot do. The Supreme Court has already ruled that no warrant is required to conduct a search at a school.

    3. What would you do as a parent about your child sharing in the humiliation of an administrator by sharing an illegally-obtained photo of them naked? On second thought, don’t bother replying. Any parent more concerned with their child’s cell phone when that phone was used to spread nude materials than the administrator who was humiliated in front of the school at which he or she has to work is not someone I would trust to tell the truth anyway.

  11. When FEMALES commit crimes the news sure is cryptic and secretive. If it were males we would have seen mug shots and names. Of course they won’t be punished like boys would, they have the GIRL CARD.

  12. Typical lefties… they are worried about their rights as students but could care less about the rights of the individual that was illegally and criminally photographed.

  13. The ultimate wrong was someone violating his privacy in the off-campus (not “public”) locker room. Examining phones for the purposes of backtracking would be proper _in a police investigation_. The school doing it appears vindictive, but state law would dictate whether that was proper or not.

  14. What kind of private club was it? In San Francisco, private club could mean anything like Tennis, raquet ball, men on men, men on boys, women on women, women on girls, men on women, men and women on animals……..

  15. Our school system is infected with “educators” like this…

  16. SanFran? I thought I felt an earthquake when those fotos got out, happy campers!

  17. If there is no God — then there is no absolute Truth or right or wrong…. The secularist public schools teach moral relativism —– which results in amoral episodes like this. Why are people so upset then? This is the result of what they believe.

    The Ten Commandments are for everyone! If your neighbor lives by the Ten Commandments — then you can rest assured he will not murder you…… steal from you ……. covet your mate …. and care about you as he would himself…… A great way to live and a safe one!

    Go ahead and make fun of it — and enjoy the episodes like this story and relish the crimes which may be committed upon you and your families ….

    A fool in his heart has said, “There is no God”!

  18. simchatemet says:

    …and Homeschoolers continue to be made out to be the bad guy.

  19. mustcrochet says:

    Rights as students? No! These are minors. What happened was not only wrong, it was vindictive and hateful. To do something like this to a person just to embarrassment is the worst form of bullying. Any parent complaining about how their kids were “singled” out needs to take a parenting class and start teaching their kids the difference between right and wrong and good and evil. You make your choices and you live with the consequences.

  20. Put the students to work in coal mines for a few weeks.

  21. To all of you children at this school. PLEASE go home, take naked pictures of your mom and dad and distribute them all over school, to their bosses and co-workers as well.

    THEN, I want to talk to the parents after distribution, about student’s rights….

  22. Truman Show Delusions? I used to work at high schools. No longer. The kids (and their parents) are very sick.

  23. Kim A Kirk says:

    We need to bring back paddling the SHlT out of students that act this way…… problem solved.

  24. Aaron Hutson says:

    The parents are so worried about their brats getting punished but where were they when it comes to telling your kid that taking a camera into a locker room at a health club and then snapping a picture of someone who is changing so you can use that picture to share without their knowledge is wrong and illegal. The kids should be smart enough to know not to share that. So they deserve punishment, and are lucky it is only suspension and not time in juvenile hall.