MARIN COUNTY (KCBS) – Mountain bikers in Marin County want more access to trails where they are currently prohibited.

Cycling advocates say riders have complete access in places like Sonoma and Santa Cruz, but not in Marin County. They have organized a group with a goal to get local agencies to free up more trails for biking.

Some environmentalists said it’s not a good idea due to impact on the actual trails and wildlife in the areas.

Mountain bikes are allowed on fire trails, but cyclists said that is only 9 percent of county lands, when they represent 40 percent of open-space visitors.

  1. mjvande says:

    Why can’t KCBS tell the truth????? Mountain bikers have access to every trail the the world. All they have to do is WALK – just like everyone else. Only BICYCLES are restricted, and you know as well as I do that bicycles are not citizens, and have no rights. Please tell the truth!!!!!