SAN RAFAEL (KPIX 5) — Rumors of immigration raids has put a Marin County community on edge.

Now, an organization is taking steps to help families prepare for the worst.

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At the immigration rights and resource center, Canal Alliance, calls have been coming in reporting immigration raids in San Rafael.

Omar Carrera, the executive director of Canal Alliance, says it’s all just rumors, but he says the fear is a product of the Trump administration.

When asked what’s his understanding of President Trump’s immigration policy, Carrera said, “Well the policy is not clear. I think everyone is confused by it, and that’s what increased the panic and rumors”

Under President Obama’s administration the guidelines were clear, targeting violent criminals for deportation.

But Trump has brought new fears.

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“We are actually planning for the worst…,” Carrera said.

Canal Alliance is holding family preparedness plan workshops for parents fearing deportation. Parents can get help making child custody arrangements and getting documents in order.

“Making plans to be separated from their kids for 3-6 months is a painful process,” he said.

One woman who spoke with us but asked us to hide her identity said her family is worried about being separated.

When asked if she has a message for Trump, she said she hopes he thinks about the children.

“I don’t want to create this sense of safety…when maybe there’s not one…because with this new administration changing the rules day by day anything could happen…and that’s why it’s important to continue educating the community to prepare for the worst.”

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Canal Alliance has family preparedness workshops coming up on March 24 and April 20 at their San Rafael office at 4 p.m.