CUPERTINO (CBS SF) — After years of construction Apple employees will finally begin to move into the tech company’s new campus starting in April.

Apple’s new headquarters is located in Cupertino just off 280 near Wolfe Road.

From the air, the size and scale of Apple’s new campus can best be appreciated. It is a perfect circle, a mile around.

Skydrone 5 captured some spectacular aerial images of Apple’s new headquarters. 12,000 employees will finally begin moving into the structure next month.

“Now that the big bulk of the construction is done,” said neighbor Jimmy Maley. “My friends and I are relieved that it’s done and over with for the most part.”

Apple broke ground on their new campus — affectionately nicknamed “the Spaceship” — in 2013 and will spend the rest of the year putting the finishing touches on the building and surrounding landscaping.

While inconvenienced by the construction, Maley said he was also excited to see the unique building take shape.

“They’re going for that clean aesthetic — the cutting edge. So, I think it’s really cool,” said Maley. “Whenever you look at the building, you know that it’s going to look the same from all 360 degrees.”

Apple’s been cagey, their spokespeople won’t nail down exactly how much their new home is going to cost. ┬áMost estimates put it in the neighborhood of $5 billion.

But customers say they would expect no less from a company known for its cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

“They didn’t invent the cell phone, but they revolutionized it,” said neighbor Eric Blanco. “That’s what they do. They stir things up, spice it up, take it up a notch. So, the spaceship is just historic.”

Apple officials said it would be a “soft” move in for employees. It will take the better part of six months for all the workers to move in. A company spokesperson also said that it would be open to the public with an Apple store on the campus.