OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — Oakland police confirmed that the new Chief of Police Anne Kirkpatrick was backing up on Broadway near 9th when her SUV bumped into an unoccupied scooter.

Many in downtown Oakland are sympathetic to the chief, they say parking here can be a drag.

Oakland resident Shaheed Isaiah said, “Well I see a lot of people here trying to parallel park and its real difficult with the flow of traffic.”

Oakland resident Helen Green said, “Welcome to Oakland for her, poor thing…we are a little different than Spokane!”

And they have some advice for the new chief.

Sara Baltazar-Pinheiro said, “If you hit somebody’s car you should either find them or leave a note.”

Green said, “I would call my insurance company…then the police.”

Oakland Police says the Chief did do the right thing, staying with the vehicle until police officers took a report.

The Oakland Police Department says there’s no special treatment, even if you are the Chief of Police and that she too has to go through a traffic investigation just as any city employee.

Isaiah’s advice for the new police chief: “Do what you’re supposed to do and what you were trained to do and the people of Oakland will love you. Otherwise, it’s going to be bad.”