CLAYTON (CBS SF) – Contra Costa County officials say the Morgan Territory Road is still sliding and until it stops it can’t fixed.

The only movement over the road is foot traffic as residents trek back and forth with gallons of water. The slide has not only isolated the community, it has also wiped out the water main supplying the 90 homes in neighborhood with water.

“We are kind of stuck, we have two horses out here, and we don’t have enough water for them,” said resident Joan Karini. “We would have to go down to the creek and carry water up for the horses.”

The slide is forcing the local residents to use a narrow rural road to traverse in and out of the area.

“I have a job in Brentwood,” said Cheryl Morgan. “My commute went from about 45 minutes to 2 hours and 45 minutes.”

Because the mudslide has wiped out the road, the fire department has parked a truck nearby. If there is a fire emergency, firefighters will have to improvise. If there is a medical emergency, the patient will have to be airlifted out.


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