KPIX 5 Game Day CommentaryBy Dennis O'Donnell

(KPIX Sports) — What is it with the San Francisco Giants and left field? It’s almost Abbott and Costello material. Except it’s ‘who’s in left?’

Barry Bonds anchored left field from 1993 through 2007. That’s 14 years. This is the ten-year anniversary of Bonds’ departure and guess what: the Giants will have had ten different opening day left fielders since Bonds, well, left.

I’ve been told by more than one agent that power hitters don’t like AT&T Park because it’s a pitchers park. In their minds, smaller numbers equals a smaller contract next time around. Consequently, the Giants fail in attracting a power-hitting left fielder.

So we’re left with this: the next great left fielder will likely have to be homegrown or acquired via trade. And that’s why Mac Williamson or Jarrett Parker will get their shots this season.

I recently raised the left field question to Giants CEO Larry Baer. He responded, “We’ve won three World Series without the guy you’re talking about.”

I hate when sound logic ruins a good blog.


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