SAN JOSE (KCBS) – A federal judge is giving Donald Trump supporters the green light to pursue their lawsuit against the city of San Jose. The plaintiffs accuse the city for not protecting them during a campaign rally last year.

The Trump supporters in this case claim that San Jose police officers intentionally steered them into an angry mob of protesters, following a Trump campaign rally last June.

“We’ve seen video appearing on international local and national media that shows the police standing by as people were getting gruesomely attacked,” said Charles Moran is with the California Log Cabin Republicans.

On Wednesday, federal judge Lucy Koh allowed the lawsuit against the city and individual police officers to go forward, however she dismissed claims against Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Last year, Mayor Sam Liccardo said the lawsuit was baseless.

“The notion that there was some stand down order is ridiculous,” Liccardo said.

City Attorney Rick Doyle is confident the city will prevail. Doyle said Wednesday that police officers didn’t do anything wrong and were trying to maintain some kind of crowd control in a chaotic situation.

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  1. Police officers and the city do need to be held accountable. Their most important function is to PROTECT the citizens, which they very obviously failed at, in fact this video makes it look as if Police allowed these thugs to beat up Trump Supporters.

    1. Janie M. says:

      Patricia, the mayor claims S.J. is not a sanctuary city but says it will do nothing to assist ICE, saying it is a federal function. If I were President Trump, I’d make sure they get all their federal funding pulled, especially any monies going to law enforcement.

  2. Wow, :dereliction of duty, endangering the public, and a few more charges and it’s all on video! That’s going to be one hell of a demotion, “Police Officer to working on a loading dock somewhere!” Hard to believe that Cops would be “Hillary Supporters!” “Hey Pete, where’s your big Dodge Ram pick up?” “I had to turn it in for a Mazda but it gets 40 mpg.” They’ll be using this as a training film; “How to destroy your career in ten minutes!”

  3. Based on the undercover videos by Project Veritas, that Bob Creamer and [forget name] and their outfits should be sued too as they created this mob IIRC and bragged about it. Oh, the DNC too is appropriate because of their continuing coordination with Creamer et al.

  4. Rolfe Mahan says:

    Trump supporters are offensive and people reacted. Their complaint should’ve been tossed. They all should be lucky they weren’t injured more seriously or even killed. Conservatives cheated and colluded with the Russians to get Trump and Congressional Republicans elected. He was illegitimately elected and he’s illegitimate. He and his supporters are offensive, since they represent the Klan, white supremacists, and the most racist people in our society.

    1. D-FensDogG says:

      Rolfe, you make me ralf. I keep wearing my “Proud To Be A Deplorable” T-shirt just waiting for the day when someone like you tries something so I’ll be justified in leaving a bloody pool of pulp on the street behind me when I walk away with a huge smile on my face and a chuckle in my heart.
      ~ D-FensDogG
      ‘Loyal American Underground’

    2. Jeremy Smith says:

      The only people worthy of extermination are liberal POSs like you.

    3. Howard Myers says:

      Rolfe, if we look on Wikipedia under ‘Blinded by Hate’ we will see your pix. All of you spewing of hate has nothing to do with Liccardo blaming Trump for the violence, like blaming a woman for being raped. If you leftist were open minded and actually looked at facts you wouldn’t be leftists.

  5. San Jose looks like a disgusting Third World pesthole — should probably just be nuked from orbit.

  6. Next time you see a police officer in San Jose in a life-threatening situation just walk away.