NEW YORK (AP) — Spike Lee says it’s “fishy” that former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick remains an NFL free agent.

Kaepernick’s season-long protest of the “Star Spangled Banner” ahead of 49ers games became a topic of national debate last season. Kaepernick was protesting police treatment of minorities in the country. He has indicated he plans to stand for the anthem next season.

Lee wrote on Instagram Sunday that he had brunch with Kaepernick in New York. The director questioned what crime Kaepernick has committed. He says the quarterback’s lack of suitors “smells mad fishy to me.”

Lee is suggesting his hometown New York Jets take a look at Kaepernick.

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Comments (3)
  1. Bill Horgan says:

    So Spike Lee if now an expert on football. Wow, what a talented guy! Especially after the glorious season Kap had last year, his ability to bring people of all races together and the vast amount of his fortune he has donated to targeted causes since he’s been a pro.

  2. No NFL team in their right mind would bring in a divisive, hassle prone QB who loses virtually every game he plays in – making him the perfect candidate for the NY JETS.