BIG SUR (CBS SF) — Caltrans crews have been working to demolish the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge near Big Sur all week and KPIX Sky Drone 5 was there to capture an unique view.


The above video was taken on Monday, the day after the main section of the bridge was brought down. The third tier was demolished Wednesday afternoon.

It took engineers a few days to figure out how to bring down the section, probing at the concrete seams of the concrete pillar it stood on.

Over the weekend, crews took down the middle section known as Span Number Two. The demolition crew made quick work of the middle span.

They used large jackhammer like machine can you break apart the bridge, and let gravity take care of the rest.

The bridge was condemned after it was damaged in the recent winter storms. Caltrans officials said they hope to have the whole thing down by the end of the week.


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