BERKELEY (KPIX 5) — The planned visit by firebrand conservative commentator Ann Coulter to the University of California, Berkeley has officials and organizers worrying about a repeat of the rioting which greeted Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Coulter’s visit to UC Berkeley isn’t for another month. But student organizers of the event say they are nervous that the visit from the outspoken conservative will spark another massive backlash.

“We are pretty apprehensive right now about everything,” said Pranav Jandahyala, president of the nonpartisan student political organization BridgeCal. “But at the same time, what’s pushing us forward is our optimism. We truly believe we can put on a great event.”

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In January, college Republicans cancelled a talk by right-wing commentator Yiannopoulos after violent protesters smashed windows and started a fire outside the event.

This time, the college Republicans are working with BridgeCal which says it’s hoping the university has a stronger security plan.

“This time we are definitely going to push them to provide more security than they did last time,” said Jandahyala. “More officers on the ground instead of in the balcony.”

Coulter is expected to talk about immigration. Critics say she is anti-immigrant and her views racist.

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UC Berkeley said it is committed to free speech, but in a statement it said, “The administration wishes to make clear that an invitation of this sort in no way suggests our endorsement of a particular point of view, and we will continue to affirm our commitment to the values of diversity, equality, and tolerance that underlie the greatness of Berkeley and, indeed, of our nation.”

The conservative group Young America’s Foundation will pay the majority of Coulter’s $20,000 speaking fee.

Student organizers say the April 27th event will have a question-and-answer session, and they hope instead of explosive protests, the event ignites heated discussions.

“So what I challenge you to do is actually confront her,” said Jandahyala. “If she comes to speak on campus and there’s no challenge to her viewpoint and people resort to violence and maybe she doesn’t speak, her views go unchallenged.”

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  1. None of the snowflakes will try to intelligently debate Coulter. She’d win any argument on the merits, which is why the snowflakes will resort to violence. It’s all they have.

  2. Bah. Based on what we saw historically, I doubt if the administration is worried about violence. They are probably funding it.

  3. It’s Gonna be a great 8 years! The libs are wiggin out!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Freedom of speech is now supported only by the political right, along with every other freedom.

  5. Anyone who isn’t tolerant of Ms. Coulter is a misogynist who hates women.

  6. … we will continue to affirm our commitment to the values of diversity, equality, and tolerance … unless, of course, you happen to be a conservative. That we will not tolerate. We will not welcome your contribution to diversity. We will treat you as less than a human being.

  7. would love to see those little snowflakes get their a$$es kicked

  8. There’s no Soros money so no one will show

  9. Why would they have this fascist idiot at a place of learning? Disgusting.

    1. ANN IS A FASCIST???? HAHA! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A FASCIST IS?? Snowflake, WE are for free speech…. YOU are not!!! It’s YOUR side that gets violent and shuts down free speech. WE ARE GOING TO START FIGHTING BACK NOW. I personally will MUTILATE any Leftist that attacks me. I hope others do the same. We need to beat down these violent BROWN SHIRTS.

    2. You and your ilk are the epitome of Fascism!

    3. so obviously you fear her views How sad.

    4. So they taught you that word, but not what it means. Do you have access to a dictionary? (or know how to use it?)

    5. Maybe that little thing you may have heard about called ‘Freedom Of Speech’?? Where the civilied say their piece and others either agree or disagree without, you know, getting violent??

  10. Professors and administrators were the organizers of the protests that lead to violence when Milo visited. If there is violence for Coulter, it will because the powers that be at the university encouraged and promoted it to happen again.

  11. The snowflakes hire out their violence.

  12. We Patriots will be there to attack ANY Leftist that gets out of line.

  13. ‘Bikers for Trump’ will form ‘wall of meat’ to protect her from Snowflake protesters. No more pandering to the liberals. The Trump nation is fighting back. Every state needs to form a Trump militia to put down these liberal subversives.

  14. It is almost funny how just common sense is labelled and considered “firebrand” conservative opinion, etc. Lol. What a bunch of cucks these leftists are. 🙂

  15. Time for some head knockin. Sessions is in place this time. Look for some sore Super Ninja Antifa the next day. Mom and Dad can nurse them back to health

  16. getting my popcorn for this one! should be good…

  17. Every time a commie breaks a window, a Republican gets a vote.

    Let the idlers riot. Those of us who contribute to society will remember.

  18. Love watching the Snowflakes going into meltdown, will this be a Pay Per View event ?

  19. UC and the city of Berkeley can put all the cops they want out there, but if BAMN attacks (as they surely will), and if the cops have orders to do nothing except stand there and let people get stabbed, how is that tolerance of free speech?

  20. ” “If she comes to speak on campus and there’s no challenge to her viewpoint and people resort to violence and maybe she doesn’t speak, her views go unchallenged.”

    Yeah, this sounds like a statement from a non-partisan group.

  21. Mark Meyer says:

    Very sad that liberals can never stand an opposing point of view. The very definition of a fascist.

  22. Are there any local biker groups that can provide REAL security? I doubt the campus security will do much to confront Black Bloc from Oakland. Bikers on the other hand….

  23. A couple of twin 50s at the door will insure good manners.

  24. I didn’t read anywhere that the “University” pressed charges against the rioters in the previous riot. The sympathizers in the college administration are as guilty as the rioters and should be suspended or fired.

    The organizers of the “demonstrations” should have been arrested for inciting to riot. Students participating in the violence should have been permanently expelled without any tuition refunds. The rioters should have been arrested for rioting and the “University,” since the campus police are incompetent or sympathetic with the rioters, should have the National Guard present to arrest out of control demonstrators and charge them with rioting and whatever other charges are appropriate.

  25. Visit all the leftist cities and campuses, they’ll destroy their safe spaces on their own. Then withhold federal funding due to their sanctuary city status 😛

  26. This time, counter-demonstrators should be ready to beat the phuck out of the anarchists, unmask them, and photograph them.

  27. This wouldn’t be a problem if the University upheld the Constitutional tenet of insuring free speech and embracing others with a differing viewpoint.
    But I digress…

  28. The intellectually isolated already have a built-in reason to cancel this event. As it nears and the leftist academically bankrupt rhetoric soars, the admin will simply insist, for the ‘safety’ of all involved, the event should be postponed. Fascism may be historically aligned with the political far-right but anyone with a pulse can’t help but note the left has adopted it as its own vehicle and has practiced nothing but since November 9.

  29. My daughter was accepted to UCB and has decided not to go there. Only far left nut jobs attend. If I see Berkeley on a resume, it goes in the trash. The school has become a hot bed of intolerance. The state is swirling the drain and this is just one example of the far left gone bad.

  30. I love it. The irrational wrathful Bolsheviks showing their true colors every time. America is really waking up to their hypocritical “tolerance”, “consciousness raising” and “intelligent dialogue” A hopeless lot of losers with nothing but criminality and mayhem in their nihilistic small minds.

  31. I’m going to protest what I believe is fascism by demonstrating that I’m a violent fascist….let them reveal themselves…

  32. The butthurt snowflakes will be on their period for sure.

  33. Yirmin Snipe says:

    Isn’t it funny that the liberal loons are doing their damnedest to eliminate free speech… Why if I didn’t know better I would swear they were behaving like the very fascists that they love to hate.

  34. Leftists, whether they call themselves socialists, fascists, progressives, communists, Democrats, Greens, Nazis, or whatever, are a cancer.

  35. Why is Pranav Jandahyala expressing apprehension at the prospects of another violent felonious temper tantrum without at least considering transferring to another university??? Does he or any other student at Berzerkley think a job interviewer will want to hear they attended this zoo???

  36. What does the gestapo at the nazi training camp known as Berkley expect. This is what they teach. Hate, intolerance, bigotry, oppression, and violence. An intellectual woman practicing her constitutional rights of free speech scare the hell out of these nazis, why else do you you think they resort to violence. It is about time to start shooting these liberal nazis in the street when they start terrorizing innocent decent people.

  37. Only in America, where one political party is so abusive that it forces the other political party to pay tens of thousands of dollars just for security to hold a stupid speech. Brilliant.

  38. Let’s go kick someThe left stops entertainers from performing at inaugurals….they bring pepper spray to rallies…they riot to keep conservatives from speaking in public…and they call US fascists…. Bwahahahahahahaha…. Hypocrisy is the mother’s milk of liberalism….

  39. Why enter these putrid Progressive nests? I don’t get it. You’re doing nothing but irritating the children. Stay out of the N. Bay and L.A. County and let em stew.

  40. “The planned visit by firebrand conservative commentator Ann Coulter…”

    Just wondering, is there any such thing as a “firebrand” liberal commentator?

  41. The New Nazi Brownshirts will be there when Ann Coulter arrives…..

  42. rayburke1 says:

    Brilliant commentary !!! LOVE them all !!! I wonder if the Berkley swamp dwellers will allow Ann to present her point of view. If so, it will be an unforgettable event !!! REBel

  43. Berkeley believes in “tolerance”. And if you disagree with them they will hurt you.

    Kinda like Islam.

  44. She’s very brave, but no one in Berserkely is worth getting beat up over. Let them stew in their own hate and ignorance.

  45. The protest didn’t turn violent, it started out violent

  46. “…she is anti-immigrant and her views racist.” Coulter is not anti-immigrant! She is anti- ILLEGAL immigrant. Why does the left continually perpetrate this misconception about conservative views? I think we know why.

  47. What’s really funny is that the administration at Berkeley felt it needed to make a statement that they don’t endorse Ann Coulter’s viewpoint. If the students there don’t know that they should be held back.