SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Caltrans crews are trying to repair damage from the winter storms that has restricted travel to the Lick Observatory in the South Bay.

SkyDrone 5 shot video when the damage happened. A mudslide completely washed out a section of Mount Hamilton Road in the hills above San Jose.

New footage shows the progress made on the stretch of road.

Construction crews are building a retaining wall so they can eventually restore the road.

It’s one of only two roads leading up to Lick Observatory at the summit.

Caltrans hoped to reopen the road by the end of the month but have faced some setbacks.

“We’re hitting some heavy rock that we didn’t anticipate. That’s what’s causing the delay,” explained Caltrans spokesperson Bernard Walik. “We originally thought we’d be finished by the end of April. But in fact, we’re not going to be done until mid-May.”

For now, the only way up to the very top of Mount Hamilton is Quimby Road.


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