GLEN ELLEN (CBS SF) – Wildlife conservation researchers in Sonoma County recently made an adorable discovery near Glen Ellen when they found three mountain lion kittens in a den.

Members of the Audubon Canyon Ranch mountain lion research team announced the discovery of the 10-day-old kittens last Friday.  The kittens belong to one of the mountain lions being tracked for the last six months as part of a research study.

Scientists took video and photos of the kittens from a distance to keep from disturbing the young animals and their mother.

The clip shows the apparently tired kittens trying to mew, but the camera doesn’t seem to pick up up any sound except for one of the researchers whispering, “This is the most amazing thing!”

According to the Audubon Canyon Ranch website, the tagged female known as “P1” is approximately to be 10 years old. She was first collared in October of last year and, at the time, was traveling with two offspring, a male and a female, estimated to be just under a year old.

Within a couple of months, the juvenile lions had dispersed, but not before her daughter (P2) was also fitted with a GPS collar.

“We now know that at the advanced age of 10, P1 has successfully had another litter of kittens – three this time. This is possibly her fifth litter,” said lead researcher Dr. Quinton Martins after finding the den.

Researchers plan to check on them a couple more times in the next two months.


  1. Fantastic! Well done Quintin, this must be mind blowing for you. Graham V

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