SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) — A Sacramento police officer has been placed on administrative leave after throwing a pedestrian to the ground and striking him in the face multiple times in an incident captured on video.

In a press release, the department said, “the videos of this incident portray actions and behavior that we would consider unacceptable conduct by a Sacramento Police Officer. As a result, the Department’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating the event.”

The incident happened at 5:07 p.m. Monday, in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood, near the intersection of Cypress Street and Grand Avenue.


In the video, posted by Naomi Montaie, the officer and the man are standing in the middle of a residential street exchanging words, but what they are saying is inaudible.

The woman shooting the video from her car yells, “Nephew just listen,” about 3 seconds before the officer steps forward and pushes the man to the ground. The woman then yells, “Hey, hey… why are you beating like that?” and moves forward in her car, continuing to capture cellphone video showing the officer on top of the man, punching him repeatedly.

Another officer arrives, climbs on top of the man and handcuffs him.

“Why’d you take him down like that, sir? He just got off work,” yells the woman from her car as more backup arrives. In the end, there are seven officers surrounding the man who lies, handcuffed in the street. Eventually, they put the man in the back of a police car.

“He was bleeding at the mouth… that one cop, took him down and just started, bam, bam, bam,” says the woman.

Then the video ends.

According to police, the officer attempted to stop the man “who was observed crossing the street unlawfully.” The officer then got out of his patrol car and tried to detain him, but the subject walked away.”

Police say “the pedestrian began removing his jacket, challenging the officer to fight. The officer charged at the pedestrian to take him into custody. For an unknown reason, the officer threw the pedestrian to the ground and began striking him in the face with his hand multiple times. Within a few moments, additional officers arrived to assist in handcuffing the suspect.”

According to police, the beating victim was held in the Sacramento Main Jail and released Tuesday morning due to “insufficient grounds to file a complaint.”

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg told the Sacramento Bee Tuesday that he found the actions of the officer “extremely disturbing and not representative of the training nor the expectations we have for our police department.”

The name of the officer has not been released, but according to police he is a two-year veteran with the department. He is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

Meantime, the video posted on Facebook has been viewed more than 200,000 times and shared by more than 7,000 users.

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  1. Thugs should learn to respect authority or suffer the consequences . Just another payday for an ambulance chaser

  2. The thug here is the one with the badge. He needs to be off the force.

  3. Suzanne Bitz says:

    Here’s the deal. The cop didn’t attack him because he was jay walking. Give me a break! Another example of news media twisting the facts for the sake of headlines. He took him down for ignoring the officer’s commands and approaching the officer in a threatening manner, I’ve been approached for jay walking and never took it so personally, so offensively, so victimized that I had to rip off my jacket and charge the cop. He brought it on himself! I have no sympathy

    1. Chas Ugc says:

      You are a racist in denial. The kid did not move. He didn’t approach the officer in a threatening manner. He removed his jacket, but he stood perfectly still and didn’t even raise his fists or even flinch at the officer. How can you even mention that he charged the officer!? The officer charged him. By God, the video is right in front of you, but you still see what you want to see. You are probably laughing about it now, because you probably think your mockery of the injustice in our system is funny.

  4. Greg Gadfly says:

    The FBI and DEA had been using corrupt police to commit murders for them.

    Erik Scott was killed in a setup by corrupt DoJ employees who were caught stealing from suspects.

  5. Just another example of black disrespect for police and police thuggery and disrespect for human rights.

    The jaywalker did not in any way deserve that level of violence, but he should also be smart enough to shut his nasty mouth and comply with the law and with lawful orders from the officer.

    I’m a professional white guy in my 50’s, but I shut my mouth and do as I’m told on those rare occasions when I have to deal with the bullies that populate our police departments.

    (We do have to allow for the possibility that the cop was just shooting a job-application video for United Airlines Security, and he couldn’t find an Asian jaywalker.)

    1. Chas Ugc says:

      You say that you are a professional white guy in his 50’s? Well, let me add that you are a Racist, professional white guy in his 50’s. You have no idea what was said by the young man but, you automatically assume he had a “nasty mouth”. I did not see any flinching at the officer or any threatening body movements by the young man. I did not see him shaking his head or posturing at the officer at all. But, you automatically assume, it was his “Nasty Mouth”, as if you can hear what no one else could hear. You need to socially decondition yourself from the racial stereotypes that you have absorbed. I’ve seen many video’s of white people who get really nasty about being accosted by police, and I can hear them. But, you automatically assume its a black and white thing. You are a racist.

  6. Chas Ugc says:

    You can see the separation based on race in the comments. It is really sad how race blinds people to violence. You don’t even need to know the race of these commenters. It is basically Emmet Till all over again. Only now, the racists have guns and badges. This is why there is such racial discord in this country. The racists are in denial, and if these cops were tried as a result, they would probably get off, and then the community would have social unrest. Then, the racists would say that they are acting like animals because they can’t accept the injustice done to them. We see it time and time again.

  7. WHY cant BLACK people follow simple instructions????